Sunday, January 10, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks lost their owner of 4 seasons and that owner lost the work he had done in rebuilding the organization. The new ownership has the ML team playing well in what is quickly turning into a very competitive AL West. Most MiL levels are also experiencing some success. Let's review the new ownership's first draft for the Canucks.

1st rounder Yovani Ozuna was drafted as a SS, though there's some thought he may not stay there. The organization has shown to be very aggressive with him as they have already assigned the 18 yr old to AA. With Ozuna's ability at the plate, the assignment is understood. Already an advanced approach at the plate, Ozuna projects to handle righties and lefties very well, and has a very good ability to control the bat and make good contact. Shows some power as well, and could hit 20 HR in the Majors. His speed and ability on the basepaths along with ability to make solid contact should make Ozuna a nightmare to face for opposing defenses. Barring injury, this kid should have a long career in the Major Leagues.

Another 1st rounder: Luke Castillo has all the makings of a very solid Major League starting pitcher. Combines a plus slider with an above average curveball and fastball. Can also throw a change and cutter, but they probably won't ever be more than show-me pitches. Needs to develop better control over his pitches, but should be able to do so given enough developmental time. A strong, durable pitcher: Castillo should develop into a nice big league starter.

The Canucks were another organization with 3 first round choices. The last of these was used to grab Cody Bonds. Bonds projects to develop into a solid back-of-the-bullpen reliever. Maybe not quite dominant enough to be a big league closer, he can definitely contribute at the big league level as he combines the potential to develop pin-point control with a very good fastball and slurve. Has some deception to his delivery as well making it difficult for batters to put good contact on the ball. A solid pick, and more so given the overall down season talent-wise for this draft.

2nd rounder Cristobal Moreno was probably a bit of a reach, but he has incredible raw power and can hammer lefty pitching -- when he's able to make contact that is. Struggles with pitch recognition and has holes in his swing, still though, can punish lefties when he does make contact.

Can't waste 1st round draft picks. The Canucks had 3 of them this season, and made them count. Vancouver gets a B+ for their draft, and this good draft is supplemented even more with the outstanding International signing of Kaito Park. Very nice.

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