Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Tuscon Tornadoes

With 3 straight division titles for Tuscon, the Tornadoes are the class of the AL West. With a considerable amount of talent at the ML level, the near future appears bright for Tuscon as well. However, the key to any successful franchise is to keep the pipeline flowing from the farm to the parent club, so with that in mind, let's see how Tuscon did in restocking their farm system in the Season 7 Draft.

1st rounder Jermaine Presley is an above average fielding LF but a below average fielding 2B. Will be interesting to see how Tuscon chooses to use him as he advances through the farm. Presley does show some ability to put the ball in play, but he'll probably struggle to make effective contact against better competition. However, the little-league field that Tuscon plays in will help anyone's offensive numbers. A bit overrated, but Presley does have a chance to become a Major League player one day.

2nd rounder Matthew Grim has a strong arm and could be a great RF defensively. As with Presley, Grim's offense will be helped by Tuscon's home ballpark, but the reality is that he's much better defensively than offensively as long as he plays a corner outfield spot.

4th rounder Buddy Edwards may have the best chance at contributing at the ML level for the Tornadoes. Above average defensively in RF, Edwards has a real ability to put the ball in play and use his speed to get on base. He's a great base runner who can impact a game with his baserunning. Tuscon's home park will help Edwards get on base, and from there he'll be a nightmare for the opposing battery to try and limit. Has serious makeup issues, so it isn't even likely that he'll make it to the majors, but at least he has a legit shot at contributing if he can put it all together.

Very underwhelming draft for Tuscon. One would think that power would have been the order of the day given their home ballpark, but it appeared the tried to go defensive, though their choices even for that are a little puzzling. A C- overall, maybe they know something about their players that I don't (entirely possible).

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