Monday, January 11, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Cheyenne Chiefs

Cheyenne has struggled a bit to get to .500, but they've improved each year under current ownership, who is in his 5th season at the helm. With several very good prospects at High-A and below, the Chiefs are building a great foundation for future success. Let's see how well they added to the fold in the Season 7 draft.

1st rounder David Chen has superb speed and has a good understanding how to apply pressure on the basepaths with it. A very good fielding 2B with the ability to move runners over either with the bunt or the hit and run. What more could you ask for from a #2 hitter? Chen may never win a Gold Glove, though is fielding is above average. Chen may never make it to an All-Star game, though his potential suggests he'll be good enough to make a case for it. However, teams win with players like Chen doing what they do night in and night out. A very nice pick.

2nd rounder Joe O'Connor is another slick-fielding 2B. A switch-hitter, O'Connor has equal ability from either side of the plate, and while he isn't a spectacular player, he does have some ability and should find himself in the big leagues one day -- though it most likely won't be with Cheyenne as Chen may ultimately block him. A solid pick.

3rd rounder Kevin Taylor is a solid pick, but he MUST learn to control his pitches to have any chance at a big league career. Throws hard (real hard) and while his fastball is above average, you'd expect a guy with this kind of velocity to have a better fastball. His ability to control his pitches will determine his big league status.

Cheyenne gets a C+ for their draft. Love the Chen pick, but while O'Connor is a solid player, not sure following the Chen pick up with another 2B/CF prospect made the most sense. However, they were able to find some ML talent and fill in some depth on the farm, so a pretty solid draft all in all for the Chiefs.

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