Friday, May 30, 2014

Season 23 Final Regular Season Power Rankings

The regular season is over for Cobbfather Season 23, but before we put it in the books, it's time for the final power rankings of the season.  It was interesting season for sure, the AL South was extraordinarily good, while the AL West was equally as bad, and 2 teams posted dominant win totals.  In the end it was Atlanta finishing #1 with an impressive 108 wins, and Dover coming in at #2, who can't be counted out to complete the three-peat.  A surging Charlotte team finished #3, and Pawtucket comes in at #4, who posted great numbers and had a nice stretch run.  Upstart San Juan rounds out the top 5.  It will be an interesting postseason for sure, will the 2 dominant regular season teams meet in a World Season rematch?  It won't be an easy road for either.   Good luck to the playoff teams and here are the complete final rankings!

Team  W L PREV   Comments
1 Atlanta  108 54 1 Strong finish to cap a very impressive season
2 Dover 107 55 2 Look primed to make a run at the three-peat
3 Charlotte  98 64 7 Excellent season, a very well-balanced team
4 Pawtucket 92 70 12 Great finish and probably ever better then their record
5 San Juan 90 72 5 They're in as a wildcard, offense has stepped it up
6 Boston  96 66 3 Bad finish, not that they had much to play for 
7 Tampa Bay  89 73 10 Solid record in world's best division, yet no playoffs
8 Helena 88 74 14 A very respectable season in winning their division
9 Buffalo  85 77 15 Nice finish, but just missed the playoffs
10 Houston 87 75 9 Not great down the stretch, but won the division
11 Florida 86 76 11 Playoffs after 4 seasons with wins in the 50's, impressive
12 Pittsburgh  86 76 4 Tough stretch run, but had the division fairly wrapped up
13 Louisville 87 75 6 Stumbled down the stretch in a very tough division
14 Los Angeles 88 74 8 Won the division with outstanding pitching yet again 
15 Ottawa 83 79 13 Heading in the right direction, but more offense needed
16 St. Louis 81 81 16 Not a bad team, could be a player or two away
17 Salt Lake City 81 81 22 Pitching took a step forward down the stretch
18 Austin  82 80 20 Fantastic finish gets them over the .500 mark, good sign
19 Rochester 78 84 21 Good offense, but pitching was fairly mediocre 
20 Syracuse  77 85 29 Played great down the stretch with improved pitching
21 New York  78 84 23 The pitching isn't there yet, but look to be improving
22 Trenton 77 85 19 Pretty middle of the road across the board numbers wise
23 Texas 80 82 17 Not great the last 40, but overall the numbers aren't bad
24 Little Rock 74 88 18 Offensive powerhouse didn't get the pitching to contend
25 Las Vegas 71 91 26 A little more offense is needed to take the next step
26 Colorado Springs 74 88 24 Introducing your AL West Champions!!!!
27 Durham  69 93 25 Offense didn't produce as you'd expect in their park
28 San Francisco 64 98 27 Great offensively, if they ever improve pitching, look out
29 Seattle  69 93 28 Still can't get over the hump offensive, pitching is decent
30 Albuquerque 58 104 30 Sub-par pitchers got rocked, salary cap was an issue 
31 Salem 55 107 32 AL West is up for grabs, so a quick rebound is possible
32 Philadelphia 55 107 31 Not quite there yet, but should have some good youth

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Season 23 Power Rankings # 3

As we head down the home stretch of Season 23, it's time to check in with another edition of the power rankings.  There's a change at the top, as Atlanta and Dover continue their game of flip-flop, with Atlanta, inspired by being knocked off of the top spot in the last rankings, reclaimed its spot on the top of the rankings with the world's best record over the last 40 games, while a still very solid Dover team drops to #2.  Boston comes in at #3, an offensive powerhouse, but seemingly has struggled of late against the league's better teams.  Not a good sign for the playoffs.  Resurgent Pittsburgh has climbed 10 spots to #4 with another strong 3rd quarter run, while a scrappy San Juan team rounds out the top 5.  Several other good teams are in the mix as well, so it should be an interesting finish.  Some bad teams are in the mix too, such as AL West leader Colorado Springs (54-67).  Good luck down the stretch, here are the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Atlanta  80 41 2 Takes back #1 with a great third quarter
2 Dover 77 44 1 Still solid, but Atlanta has been a little bit better
3 Boston  77 44 4 Great offense, but struggling against best teams 
4 Pittsburgh  69 52 14 Another second half surge is under way, playing great
5 San Juan 68 53 9 Better pitching vaults them into the top 5
6 Louisville 69 52 7 Pitching is getting better, but offense dropped some
7 Charlotte  72 49 3 Mediocre since half way point, offense is down 
8 Los Angeles 68 53 10 Improving with better offense, pitching still lights out
9 Houston 67 54 8 Pretty steady since the last rankings, solid club
10 Tampa Bay  66 55 12 Coming on a bit, but division is incredibly tough 
11 Florida 66 55 15 Still playing well, thanks to fantastic pitching 
12 Pawtucket 65 56 6 Dropped off a bit, as the pitching fell off significantly
13 Ottawa 63 58 11 Very strong pitching has them hanging in there
14 Helena 66 55 5 Numbers down overall since last ranking, but still in it
15 Buffalo  61 60 13 Pretty mediocre as of late, offense is down some 
16 St. Louis 60 61 17 Pitching has improved significantly as of late 
17 Texas 61 60 19 Offense has slowed down, but pitching has been better
18 Little Rock 58 63 20 Fantastic offense, but pitching not getting it done 
19 Trenton 57 64 23 Winning record the last 40, pitching has improved
20 Austin  56 65 26 Over .500 the last 40 as well, so making strides 
21 Rochester 57 64 16 Did not play well since last rankings, numbers are down
22 Salt Lake City 60 61 18 Their ERA ballooned, but offense is up, and doing ok
23 New York  56 65 25 The bats have been struggling a bit as of late 
24 Colorado Springs 54 67 27 Not many positives other than they lead the AL West
25 Durham  50 71 29 Improving some, but pitching has still been an issue
26 Las Vegas 51 70 21 Seems like they would have more W's, but not there yet
27 San Francisco 49 72 28 Offensive juggernaut is also a pitching disaster 
28 Seattle  53 68 24 Pitching down the last 40, and getting little from the bats
29 Syracuse  53 68 22 Rough last 40 record wise, but numbers about the same
30 Albuquerque 44 77 30 Decent offense, but the pitching continues to get rocked
31 Philadelphia 42 79 31 Very little offense, and pitching has dropped off some
32 Salem 41 80 32 As mentioned previously, it's just not their season

Monday, May 5, 2014

Season 23 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star break is upon us!  Quite interestingly, Dover, Atlanta, Charlotte and Boston are all tied for the World's best record at the break.  The second half will be quite the battle.

But for now, it's time to look at the All-Star rosters.  In the AL, Elston Lloyd is making his impressive 9th All-Star appearance, while Victor Almanzar and Roger Hermida are each making their 6th.  Boston and Louisville, each have 5 players on the team, while 14 players made their first All-Star game.  One notable exclusion this season was James Haselman who had made the previous 11 All-Star teams.  He is still pitching well, but a hard luck 5-9 record likely kept him out of his 12th straight All-Star game.

In the NL, Mendy Kondou made his 9th All-Star team and Norman LaPorta is making his 8th appearance, his first with his new team, Houston.  Even though they no longer have LaPorta, Dover still led the way with 5 All-Stars.  10 players will make their All-Star game debut in the NL. 

Here are the complete All-Star rosters!


Player Team Appearance
C Roger DuBose Boston 3rd
1B Albert Cruz Pawtucket 1st
2B Philip Vasquez San Francisco 1st
3B Brooks Gose Trenton 1st
SS Phil Yoon Louisville 1st
LF Neifi Gandarillas Louisville 2nd
CF Joshua Hendrick San Juan 1st
RF Vladimir Troncoso San Juan 1st
DH Joey Ryan Louisville 3rd


Player Team Appearance
P Valerio Melendez Louisville 1st
P Gus Masaoka Atlanta 2nd
P Jayson Klesko Boston 4th
P Victor Almanzar Boston 6th
P Roger Hermida Pawtucket 6th
P Aubrey Corsi Charlotte 1st
P Yeico Oliva Boston 1st
P Paulie Flynn Atlanta 2nd
P Eugenio Guevara Charlotte 1st
P Henry Hermsen New York 1st
P Emmanuel Cora Pawtucket 2nd
P Alex Alfonzo Tampa Bay 1st
P Andres Moreno Albuquerque 1st


Player Team Appearance
C Elston Lloyd Albuquerque 9th
1B Vern Connelly Louisville 2nd
2B Gerald Jacobsen Tampa Bay 3rd
3B Benjamin Delcarmen Rochester 2nd
SS James Dillard Charlotte 1st
LF Theo Waters Pawtucket 2nd
CF Aaron Kennedy Boston 4th
RF Juan Mercado Charlotte 3rd

AL All-Stars by Team
Boston 5
Louisville 5
Charlotte 4
Pawtucket 4
Albuquerque 2
Atlanta 2
San Juan 2
Tampa Bay 2
New York 1
Rochester 1
San Francisco 1
Trenton 1


Player Team Appearance
C Mark Martin Little Rock 6th
1B Greg Riley Texas 2nd
2B Benny Lee Pittsburgh 2nd
3B Pepe Guillen Ottawa 5th
SS Esteban James Pittsburgh 1st
LF Vic Gonzales Los Angeles 5th
CF Eli Espinosa Texas 1st
RF Garrett Patrick Dover 3rd


Player Team Appearance
P Artie Stone Helena 1st
P Don Monahan Dover 4th
P Lefty Leverton Buffalo 1st
P Will Ogden Dover 2nd
P Vic Vizcaino Helena 2nd
P Antonio Ishida Buffalo 2nd
P Lyle Wallace Los Angeles 4th
P Rajai Rossy Seattle 1st
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 3rd
P Norman LaPorta Houston 8th
P Tony Lopez Los Angeles 6th
P Marty Stokes Ottawa 1st
P Virgil Barr Florida 1st
P Jim Goulet Texas 3rd


Player Team Appearance
C Dan Pall Helena 3rd
1B Aurelio Lima Syracuse 1st
2B Hootie Cookson Dover 3rd
3B Mendy Kondou Dover 9th
SS Gail Roberts Texas 2nd
LF Willie Cerda Little Rock 1st
CF Gary Harvey Florida 1st
RF Jerrod Griffiths Houston 3rd

NL All-Stars by Team
Dover 5
Texas 4
Helena 3
Los Angeles 3
Buffalo 2
Florida 2
Houston 2
Little Rock 2
Ottawa 2
Pittsburgh 2
Las Vegas 1
Seattle 1
Syracuse 1

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Season 23 Power Rankings #2

We're half way through Season 23, and it is time to weigh in with another edition of the power rankings.  It has been quite an interesting season, with no clear cut #1 team, yet someone has to take that top spot, and it is Dover.  Although not a dominant #1 as in the past few seasons, they have been playing solid ball lately and are leading the way in the NL.  Atlanta drops to #2, as they have fallen off slightly since the last rankings, but still a force to be reckoned with.   The hottest team in the world, Charlotte, comes in at #3 and if they keep this up, could be headed to the top spot in the next rankings.   It will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out, here are the complete rankings!

Team  W L PREV    Comments
1 Dover 51 30 2 Numbers are up all around since the last rankings
2 Atlanta  51 30 1 Stats are down overall, but still one of the best 
3 Charlotte  52 29 13 Killing it since the last rankings, can they keep it up?
4 Boston  50 31 4 Offense is crushing it, with bullpen help on the way
5 Helena 48 33 9 Playing very well, and look to be a legit contender
6 Pawtucket 47 34 7 Top team in pitching right now and offense is good
7 Louisville 48 33 8 Pitching looks questionable, but they are winning 
8 Houston 44 37 16 Bouncing back after a very slow start, look tough
9 San Juan 45 36 12 Very nice offense, and the pitching is holding its own
10 Los Angeles 44 37 15 Pitching is lights out, but offense is a question mark
11 Ottawa 44 37 17 Getting great pitching, and are in the thick of things
12 Tampa Bay  43 38 3 Rough stretch as of late, but capable of bouncing back
13 Buffalo  42 39 6 Not playing well lately, but still a very good squad
14 Pittsburgh  41 40 11 Hanging in, and certainly capable of a strong finish
15 Florida 43 38 19 Really playing well, considering their recent history
16 Rochester 41 40 14 Struggling a bit as of late with numbers down overall
17 St. Louis 40 41 23 Huge improvement in pitching has them playing better
18 Salt Lake City 41 40 10 Pitching is down as of late, but offense improving
19 Texas 40 41 22 Pitching has been better recently, which is a good sign
20 Little Rock 39 42 5 Not playing well since last rankings, really fell off
21 Las Vegas 35 46 26 Showing significant improvement after horrific start
22 Syracuse  40 41 28 Also have shown major improvement over last 40
23 Trenton 36 45 24 Holding their own lately, but offense is a bit down lately
24 Seattle  38 43 27 Showed all around improvement, progress is in motion
25 New York  39 42 21 Not playing terrible, but offense has been down lately
26 Austin  35 46 20 Not playing well as of late, as all numbers are down
27 Colorado Springs 35 46 18 Horrible over the last 40, but yet still lead the division
28 San Francisco 33 48 25 Could still win division, good offense, horrible pitching
29 Durham  31 50 31 Major improvement, but bad start holds them down
30 Albuquerque 29 52 29 Pitching has been absolutely rocked this season 
31 Philadelphia 26 55 32 Pitching has improved, but offense has really struggled
32 Salem 25 56 30 Um, yeah, they're just not good this season