Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Season 19 Quarter Season Power Rankings

Leon Jackson - Senior Writer - Cobbfather Post Gazette

A quarter of the season is over and it's time to update the power rankings.  There is a #1 has the defending champs Vancouver are a bit slow out of the gate, but still have a nice record.  But the new #1 is Little Rock whose stats across the board have been elite thus far.  The biggest leap up the rankings was made by Boise, who jumped from preseason #23 all the way up to #2.  Buffalo, Cleveland and Minnesota all made huge leaps as well.  Congrats on the great starts!   Here's the full ranking through the first quarter of the season.

Team  W L PREV Comments
1 Little Rock 25 15 7 Playing elite, #1 in offense and great pitching
2 Boise 25 15 23 What a jump!  Excellent start across the board!
3 Tampa Bay  24 16 2 Rock solid so far, as expected
4 Pittsburgh  25 15 4 Pitching has been incredibly solid so far
5 Buffalo  26 14 18 #1 in pitching, and offense is holding its weight
6 Durham  27 13 11 Best record, but pitching moves them down
7 Colorado Springs 26 14 3 Playing great, still amongst elite, # 3-7 is tight
8 Dover 26 14 10 Great offense, but pitching hasn't been great.  
9 Vancouver  24 16 1 Not getting pitching so far, but offense is great. 
10 Cleveland  23 17 21 Nice jump here, can the pitching hold up? 
11 Minnesota  22 18 25 Big jump, and they may be underachieving!
12 Kansas City  24 16 5 Solid play across the board, but not elite
13 Boston  22 18 15 Decent numbers so far, can they do more? 
14 Syracuse  21 19 12 Average across the board, do they have more? 
15 El Paso  20 20 6 Numbers say they should improve
16 Los Angeles 22 18 9 Fantastic pitching, but offense is weak so far
17 Detroit  19 21 16 Underachieving a bit, will pitching improve?
18 St. Louis 18 22 8 Underachieving, but pitching is a good sign
19 Omaha  20 20 17 Great pitching, but offense not producing at all
20 Atlanta  17 23 22 Underachieving, but better pitching would help
21 Burlington  20 20 24 Nice start on offense, will pitching improve? 
22 New York (NL) 20 20 13 Decent start, will the offense step it up?
23 Honolulu  21 19 31 Nice start, but they may be overachieving a bit
24 Arizona  14 26 20 Slugging well, but pitching is getting hammered
25 Charlotte  20 20 30 Overachieving some, but .500 start is good
26 Austin  16 24 14 Offense is slow out of the gate
27 New York (AL) 15 25 19 Underachieving a bit, could be tough sched
28 Colorado  12 28 27 Pitching is getting completely obliterated so far
29 Washington 9 31 26 In a tough division, numbers say they're better
30 Florida  15 25 32 Possibly the worst offense in the league so far
31 Texas 11 29 28 Pitching has been rough and the bats cold
32 Seattle 11 29 29 Rough start all around, particularly pitching

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Season 19 Preseason Power Rankings

Leon Jackson - Senior Writer - Cobbfather Post Gazette

A new season is upon us, and we took a shot at ranking the team preseason.  Looks like it will be another great year in Cobbfather, good luck to all teams in the regular season.  Now, here's the preseason power rankings!

Season 18

Team  W L Comments
1 Vancouver  115 47 Look primed and ready for another title run
2 Tampa Bay  106 56 Not all about Haselman, offense is good too
3 Colorado Springs 104 58 2 time CY winner Mieses joins a great staff
4 Pittsburgh  103 59 Has reigning MVP and CY winners amongst others
5 Kansas City  95 67 This excellent roster now has an active owner!
6 El Paso  95 67 Last year's NL champs should be good again.
7 Little Rock 99 63 Well balanced team with a lot of power
8 St. Louis 78 84 Offense is great, just need pitching to step up
9 Los Angeles 88 74 Great pitching, but do they have enough on offense?
10 Dover 77 85 Improved alot through top FA Kondou and via trades
11 Durham  79 83 Spent $196 mil on 2 top SP's this offseason. 
12 Syracuse  86 76 Nice power on offense, will pitching improve? 
13 New York (NL) 83 79 Adding Moreno is a boost to the offense.  
14 Austin  92 70 Norman LaPorta should put them in contention again
15 Boston  77 85 Signed top SP FA Almanzar, is it enough to contend?
16 Detroit  84 78 Losing Almanzar hurts, but still good pieces here
17 Omaha  89 73 Needs offense to improve, great pitching 
18 Buffalo  88 74 Nice pitching, but offense is a question mark. 
19 New York (AL) 84 78 Pitching is pretty solid, will the offense produce?
20 Arizona  85 77 Has a few stars, is the supporting cast good enough?
21 Cleveland  83 79 Has some great talent on offense, will pitching hold up?
22 Atlanta  70 92 Has some good minors talent, will they get the call?
23 Boise 75 87 Offense has good power, can they take the next step?
24 Burlington  56 106 Picked up some nice free agents, should be improved
25 Minnesota  73 89 Pitching is decent, offense could use a little help
26 Washington 71 91 Team is coming along, but need a few more pieces
27 Colorado  80 82 Got hit hard with departing free agents
28 Texas 62 100 Coming along, but still rebuilding
29 Seattle  57 105 Still looks to be a few players away.
30 Charlotte  50 112 Not as bad as their record last year, should improve
31 Honolulu  52 110 Rebuild still ongoing
32 Florida  56 106 Will their prospects hit the bigs anytime soon? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Season 19 Hall of Fame Candidates - Top 5

Leon Jackson
Senior Writer
Cobbfather Post Gazette

It's Hall of Fame Voting time again, and there are certainly some deserving candidates once again.  No one got in last year, let's see if we can get some players in this year.   Here are the Gazette's top 5 most deserving candidates.

Carl Sosa
Age: 42B/T: R/R
Born: Overland Park, KS
Position(s): P (T4B)
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1. Carl Sosa
4 Time Cy Young Award Winner
9 Time All-Star
238 Career Wins
2.76 Career ERA
2 World Series Rings

Comments: This should be a no-brainer.  Sosa was one of the greatest pitchers in Cobbfather history, as his numbers indicate.  It will truly be a travesty if he doesn't get in on his first try.

Dan Carter
Age: 38B/T: R/R
Born: Richmond, TX
Position(s): LF/CIF/RF/DH
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2. Dan Carter
2 Time MVP (one of only 2 players in Cobbfather history to win MVP in both the AL and NL)
7 Time All-Star
3 Time Silver Slugger winner
497 Career Home Runs
.936 Career OPS
2 World Series Rings

Comments: Carter was one vote shy of making it in last season.  His career stat line and the fact that he is one of only two players in World history to win the MVP in both leagues tell us he should definitely be in.  Hopefully this is the season that he finally makes it.

Buddy Poole
Age: 38B/T: R/R
Born: Haverhill, MA
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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3. Buddy Poole
MVP Winner
6 Time All-Star
4 Time Silver Slugger winner
582 Career Home Runs
9 40+ Home Run Seasons
.906 career OPS
1 World Series Ring

Comments: Poole got 13 votes last season, 4 short of getting in the Hall.  He was one of the major mashers in the early seasons of the World, emassing 582 home runs.  We feel he should be in.

Anthony Gordon
Age: 40B/T: R/R
Born: Newkirk, OK
Position(s): P (SuB)
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4. Anthony Gordon
9 Time All-Star
3 Time Fireman of the Year
464 Career Saves
3.11 Career ERA

Comments: Gordon got 12 votes last season, 5 short of induction.  His 9 time all-star status, the fact that he is amongst the all-time career save leaders with a stellar ERA indicates to us that he should be in.

Charlie Dickinson
Age: 38B/T: R/R
Born: New Providence, NJ
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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5. Charlie Dickinson 
MVP Winner
4 Time All-Star
3 Time Silver Slugger winner
508 Career Home Runs
.925 Career OPS

Comments: Dickinson got 12 votes last season, 5 votes short of getting in.  Dickinson dominated seasons 4-10 getting at least 44 HR and 121 RBI each season.  We feel his career stat line warrants consideration for the Hall.

Don't forget to vote for the Hall of Fame, every vote is important!