Monday, March 10, 2014

Season 22 Wrap Up - Dover goes back to back!

Dover Diamond Dogs (NL)
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Dover wins it all again in Season 22! 

In one of the most talked about World Series in recent Cobbfather history, Dover beat Atlanta 4 games to 2 to take the title.  When Dover jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the series, many were predicting a sweep, but Atlanta battled back to take the next two games.   Atlanta couldn't keep the momentum going when the series headed back to Dover, losing a tight 4-3 game 6.  It looks like the power rankings had it right, as Dover was ranked #1 all season from wire to wire.  After their own boisterously predicted a World Series title preseason, Atlanta started the regular season slowly, but became hot near the end, and carried that momentum into the playoffs, almost fulfilling their prediction.  Both teams look to be solid for next season, and a potential rematch certainly isn't out of the realm of possibilities, but there will be a lot of hungry teams gunning for them.   Congrats to both teams on excellent seasons!

In addition to the World Series trophy, other hardware was handed out as well.  Let's review the individual award winners for Season 22!

Most Valuable Player
American League - Albert Cruz, Detroit - .303 AVG 48 HR 110 RBI
The young 22 year-old Detroit slugger took home the AL MVP in a tight race amongst many worth candidates.  In the end, his combination of solid average, high OBP and great power numbers appeared to give him the slight edge.  He also won a Silver Slugger award this season.  He looks pretty flawless at the plate, so expect him to compete for MVP awards for years to come. 

National League - Felipe James, Los Angeles - .327 AVG 35 HR 110 RBI 21 SB
This is one free agent acquisition that paid off, as offseason signee Felipe James took the NL MVP award for Los Angeles.  His already impressive numbers are even better when you consider the park he played in.    James started in the All Star game and won a Silver Slugger award as well.  Fun fact, James is the 16th different NL MVP winner in the past 16 seasons, wow!

Cy Young Award
American League - James Haselman, Tampa Bay - 21-4 2.11 ERA 202 K
Chalk up another Cy Young for Haselman, who won the award by a significant margin.   Haselman did it all again for Tampa this season, with impressive all around numbers.  This is his staggering 6th Cy Young award for the 34 year old hurler, who made his 11th All Star appearance in 11 seasons as well.  With a great deal of young pitching talent in the AL, and the effects of age, it may be difficult to ring up #7, but you can never count out Haselman. 

National League - Lewis Peterson, Pittsburgh - 19-9 2.41 ERA 215 K
Peterson won a closer race for the NL Cy Young Award with an impressive ERA, and a solid 19-9 record over 40 starts.  Peterson joins the ranks of multiple time winners, as he also won the Cy Young in Season 18.   He made his 2nd All Star appearance this season as well.  At 31, Peterson has the potential to be a Cy Young contender for a handful more of seasons. 

Rookie of the Year
American League - Vladimir Troncoso, San Juan -.298 AVG 33 HR 108 RBI
Offense won out over pitching in the AL Rookie of the year race, barely, by just one vote in fact.  Troncoso has amazing power, with great splits and batting eye that should lead to many more years of impressive stats.   His numbers this year were definitely legit. 

National League -  
Paul Burroughs, Austin - 16-7 3.04 ERA 128 K,                                              
Ryan Martin, Seattle -.299 AVG 25 HR 93 RBI 31 SB
NL Rookie of the Year voters couldn't decide between pitching and offense, as the vote ended up in a tie, and we have Co-Rookies of the Year.   Burroughs is a 21 year old hard throwing righty, who has plus ratings across the board, except for splits.  He is so high everywhere else, that shouldn't limit his future success.  Martin is a five tool player, whose out put was extremely impressive given his home park.  It will be interesting to see if he can maintain those numbers in that park, but he will still be a valuable asset either way. 

Fireman of the Year
American League - Walt White, Charlotte - 3.56 ERA, 48 SV, 2nd win
National League -  Manuel Estrada, Houston - 1.72 ERA, 43 SV, 2nd win

That wraps up Season 22, hoping for a quick turnaround to Season 23, don't forget to renew!   See you next season!