Friday, October 31, 2008

Cobbfather Season 3 Ready to Kickoff!

Thelma Jenkins - Cobbfather Post Gazette

Things looked bleak just 8 days ago with Cobbfather rolling over with 15 openings. What a difference a week (plus one day) makes. After some were predicting a rollover of a month or longer, Cobbfather filled its 15 vacancies in just 8 days. Thanks to recruiting on the forum, managers spreading the good word about the league, and everyone hanging in there while the league was filling, Cobbfather is ready to skyrocket into Season 3! The League Office thanks all of its owners this year, for making this rollover a much smoother and faster one than expected.

Look for more content in the days to come leading up to season 3. In the meantime, owners, get ready to start budgeting, trading, and signing free agents. And yes, oh yes, how could we forget Commissioner Kid's favorite...COACH HIRING!!!

Thanks again to all the owners for making Cobbfather Season 3 possible. Looking forward to a great upcoming season.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh #2 Pick Where Have You Gone

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Gazette

The Season 3 Rollover has started off with a mysterious retirement: last season's #2 overall pick Nick Koch. Drafted number 2 overall in Season 2 by the World Champion G-Maniacs, Koch never reported to the team after signing a 3.9 million dollar contract. Team officials just thought he was being a typical prima donna #2 0verall pick; however, when retirement papers showed up at Cobbfather League offices this offseason with Koch's name on them. Speculation is abound on what could have happened to the once highly-touted prospect.

One theory is he may have been abducted by a U.F.O., but this theory has been disproven, as all of the U.F.O.s in Rhode Island moved due to ridiculously high state income taxes. Another theory is that he quit baseball after being enlightend to join the Peace Corps and smoke weed Ricky Williams style. But the most compelling theory is that G-Maniacs management sacrificed him to the WhatIfSports gods successfully in return for a World Series ring.

Was Nick Koch a sacrificial lamb for a ring? Or is he in Guatemala with the munchies practicing the latest meditation rituals? The Cobbfather Gazette will continue to investigate, for you the reader.

In the meantime, keep spreading the word about Cobbfather - we still have 12 open spots to fill! A big welcome to the

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Managers Needed for Cobbfather Season 3!

Cobbfather Season 2 has ended, and we need some new owners to get us going on Season 3! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone who might be interested. Everyone is pitching in to get the league filled, there's a rumor ploppie might even put on his pants as so not to scare away perspective owners! More