Monday, May 5, 2014

Season 23 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star break is upon us!  Quite interestingly, Dover, Atlanta, Charlotte and Boston are all tied for the World's best record at the break.  The second half will be quite the battle.

But for now, it's time to look at the All-Star rosters.  In the AL, Elston Lloyd is making his impressive 9th All-Star appearance, while Victor Almanzar and Roger Hermida are each making their 6th.  Boston and Louisville, each have 5 players on the team, while 14 players made their first All-Star game.  One notable exclusion this season was James Haselman who had made the previous 11 All-Star teams.  He is still pitching well, but a hard luck 5-9 record likely kept him out of his 12th straight All-Star game.

In the NL, Mendy Kondou made his 9th All-Star team and Norman LaPorta is making his 8th appearance, his first with his new team, Houston.  Even though they no longer have LaPorta, Dover still led the way with 5 All-Stars.  10 players will make their All-Star game debut in the NL. 

Here are the complete All-Star rosters!


Player Team Appearance
C Roger DuBose Boston 3rd
1B Albert Cruz Pawtucket 1st
2B Philip Vasquez San Francisco 1st
3B Brooks Gose Trenton 1st
SS Phil Yoon Louisville 1st
LF Neifi Gandarillas Louisville 2nd
CF Joshua Hendrick San Juan 1st
RF Vladimir Troncoso San Juan 1st
DH Joey Ryan Louisville 3rd


Player Team Appearance
P Valerio Melendez Louisville 1st
P Gus Masaoka Atlanta 2nd
P Jayson Klesko Boston 4th
P Victor Almanzar Boston 6th
P Roger Hermida Pawtucket 6th
P Aubrey Corsi Charlotte 1st
P Yeico Oliva Boston 1st
P Paulie Flynn Atlanta 2nd
P Eugenio Guevara Charlotte 1st
P Henry Hermsen New York 1st
P Emmanuel Cora Pawtucket 2nd
P Alex Alfonzo Tampa Bay 1st
P Andres Moreno Albuquerque 1st


Player Team Appearance
C Elston Lloyd Albuquerque 9th
1B Vern Connelly Louisville 2nd
2B Gerald Jacobsen Tampa Bay 3rd
3B Benjamin Delcarmen Rochester 2nd
SS James Dillard Charlotte 1st
LF Theo Waters Pawtucket 2nd
CF Aaron Kennedy Boston 4th
RF Juan Mercado Charlotte 3rd

AL All-Stars by Team
Boston 5
Louisville 5
Charlotte 4
Pawtucket 4
Albuquerque 2
Atlanta 2
San Juan 2
Tampa Bay 2
New York 1
Rochester 1
San Francisco 1
Trenton 1


Player Team Appearance
C Mark Martin Little Rock 6th
1B Greg Riley Texas 2nd
2B Benny Lee Pittsburgh 2nd
3B Pepe Guillen Ottawa 5th
SS Esteban James Pittsburgh 1st
LF Vic Gonzales Los Angeles 5th
CF Eli Espinosa Texas 1st
RF Garrett Patrick Dover 3rd


Player Team Appearance
P Artie Stone Helena 1st
P Don Monahan Dover 4th
P Lefty Leverton Buffalo 1st
P Will Ogden Dover 2nd
P Vic Vizcaino Helena 2nd
P Antonio Ishida Buffalo 2nd
P Lyle Wallace Los Angeles 4th
P Rajai Rossy Seattle 1st
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 3rd
P Norman LaPorta Houston 8th
P Tony Lopez Los Angeles 6th
P Marty Stokes Ottawa 1st
P Virgil Barr Florida 1st
P Jim Goulet Texas 3rd


Player Team Appearance
C Dan Pall Helena 3rd
1B Aurelio Lima Syracuse 1st
2B Hootie Cookson Dover 3rd
3B Mendy Kondou Dover 9th
SS Gail Roberts Texas 2nd
LF Willie Cerda Little Rock 1st
CF Gary Harvey Florida 1st
RF Jerrod Griffiths Houston 3rd

NL All-Stars by Team
Dover 5
Texas 4
Helena 3
Los Angeles 3
Buffalo 2
Florida 2
Houston 2
Little Rock 2
Ottawa 2
Pittsburgh 2
Las Vegas 1
Seattle 1
Syracuse 1

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