Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Atlanta Expos

The Expos have had 4 owners so far in what is now 7 seasons, and have been a powerhouse every season. Making the playoffs 6 years running -- including a WS win in season 3 -- the Expos have a chance in Season 7 to set a new Cobbfather record for regular season wins (123 set in s6 by ROC). The price of such greatness has been low draft picks, and as a result Atlanta doesn't have the strongest of farm systems. That, of course, is totally acceptable when you're chasing history. Let's see if ATL was able to add some depth to their farm system and provide more ammo when attempting to keep this storied franchise at the top.

1st rounder Rafael Mercedes can flat out hit. A switch-hitter who is incredibly strong from either side though he does favor hitting from his natural right side slightly more. Defensively, Mercedes is most likely a 1B and while he doesn't have the power potential that one would normally expect from that position, to discount in any way Mercedes' ability to hit would be a mistake. Presumably, it is this mistake that allowed Mercedes to fall all the way to the bottom of the first round when it isn't a stretch to consider him a top 10 talent given his bat. A great, great pick up for ATL.

Consideration that this draft wasn't very deep and the Expos were drafting at the bottom of the round each time, so when I say that 2nd rounder Wil Shelley, 3rd rounder Rogers Pryce are fringe prospects, that's actually a compliment.

This draft was made with the draft of Mercedes. Even though Atlanta gets a C for their draft -- largely because Mercedes is the only draftee with a legit shot at being an ML player -- I'm sure ownership is fine with "just" Mercedes.

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