Friday, January 15, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Little Rock N Rollers

With our review of Little Rock, we arrive at perhaps the most dubious of the Cobbfather franchises. To say this organization had a problem with credibility before mrploppie took over would be a huge understatement; however they now have been under his capable hands for 3 seasons, and have reached the playoffs in each of his first two seasons of ownership and are challenging for a ticket to the tournament again this season. Let's see how Little Rock did during their Season 7 draft.

1st rounder Brian Rucker has legit big league potential. He needs time to develop, but he flashes a dominant 4-seam fastball and backs it with a sinker that shows above average potential. The movement on his fastball and the effectiveness of his sinker generate a lot of groundballs for Rucker. He may not ever be able to give more than 150 innings as a starter in the big leagues thus his role may end up that of a long reliever. However, if given the time to develop, Rucker should be playing big league ball sometime in the future.

2nd rounder Phillip Fisher is probably nothing more than a 25th man on a good ML club. However, it is possible that Fisher develops enough that he may become a journeyman Major Leaguer as he does have the ability to play multiple positions and isn't lost at the plate. Given his above average ability to run the bases and a great ability to lay down the bunt, Fisher would be a valued 25th man in the National League for sure.

The rest of Little Rock's draft consisted of mostly filler, but they got a couple of players with outside chances at the big leagues. Not the best of drafts, but not the worst either. C-

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