Monday, January 11, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Honolulu Haloes

Honolulu has made it to the playoffs 3 times in 5 years under current ownership. That's a pretty good run. A well balanced organization, Honolulu has good talent at just about every level.

However, the Haloes have signed just 2 of their top 6 draft choices, and first rounder Juan Nieto is a no-show (No-Show Nieto, haha) so far. Too bad too, as he's a game changing middle of the order bat.

They were able to sign 2nd rounder Nick Schneider, and well, he may end up being the best defensive SS in Cobbfather when he gets to the bigs. There are some with slightly better range, and a couple that may flash a better glove, but no one -- NO ONE -- has a better arm than Schneider. Probably won't be anything spectacular at the plate, though he is an intelligent baserunner, his defense is so good it won't matter. At the very least, he'll platoon against lefties (shows some potential to hit them ok enough) and be one heck of a super sub. His defense is good enough to be an everyday player though.

A grade of C-, and that's probably a bit generous. The Haloes are leaving good players unsigned. Let's hope they find a way to at least get one or two more signed.

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