Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Boston Massacre

Boston has yet to make it to the playoffs, though they've been tantalizing close a couple of seasons. Boston has some talent that is making its way to the big leagues now, so there's every reason to believe the playoff drought will be over in the near future. In the meantime, let's review how Boston did in the Season 7 Draft.

Boston didn't pick until #45 as a result of the Rusty Warden signing, but with the 45th pick BOS took Mo Rzepczynski. Mo is your classic "soft-tossing" lefty with very good control. He has a slider and curve that flash above average at times and his big, sweeping curveball is the better of the two. Both are used well to keep lefties off balance; however, righties aren't nearly as fooled by these two pitches so Mo's path to the majors may be that of a LOOGY or even a lefty long man that adds variety to an ML bullpen.

2nd rounder Robb Bristow is a very nice catching prospect that probably only fell to BOS as a result of some health concerns. Shows an advanced ability to handle pitching staffs, this should continue to develop and Bristow should prove to be a nice anchor for an ML pitching staff. Bristow also displays real promise at the plate, especially for a catcher. This is a real nice prospect who should turn into a solid ML catcher if he can stay healthy.

There's a lot to like about 3rd rounder Steve Knowles and a lot not to like about him too. Makes contact and has a good approach at the plate, but most likely Knowles will struggle to continue making solid contact as his level of competition increases. A fast player, but Knowles has no idea what he's doing on the base paths. A big, strong, athletic kid, but Knowles is a terrible defender, and is really only cut out to be a 1B though he doesn't have the offensive game to play there. Knowles is a toolsy player who's tools probably never amount to the production you think you can get when you watch him take BP. He'll be an ML player because some GM somewhere will always say "Maybe this is the year," though the guess is here that he'll never quite produce the way many will think he should.

5th rounder Alex Trevino wins sleeper pick for BOS. A reliever, Trevino has good velocity and well above average fastball and slider. Has trouble with control, and leaves too many pitches over the plate as a result. Can be dominant at times, can be hittable at times. It is possible for Trevino to make it to the big leagues, though he's probably the 12th pitcher if he does. Still, an interesting prospect with some potential.

Also of note is C prospect Domingo Villareal, taken in the 9th round. A great defensive catcher with a howitzer for an arm, Villareal also shows some ability at the plate. Needs to stay healthy, but if he does he'll be a very good catcher in the big leagues. Real health concern, but will move quickly and could see the Majors as early as season 9 sometime if he stays healthy. This may actually be Boston's best pick.

A very up and down draft for Boston. They get a C+ and we really hope Villareal can get to the bigs. He's a weapon behind the plate, and it will be fun watching him taunt baserunners and then gun them down at will.

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