Sunday, January 10, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Syracuse Sycophants

The current owner for Syracuse has been around since Season 2, and while his team has struggled a bit at the big level (other than a glorious 91 win season in Season 4), his farm system is starting to feed some talent to the parent club, and it won't be long before Syracuse is routinely competing. Let's take a look at their draft class for Season 7.

1st rounder Julio Cordero will be a fine SS at the big league level. He shows very good defensive chops (with his arm being his best tool), and he can be a good contributor at the plate as well. Will move quickly through their system, and should be a productive Major League player for a long time. A very nice pick.

No picks in rounds 2 or 3 as they were used as compensation for free agent signings.

4th rounder Troy Grabowski brings high velocity and a plus 4-seamer and slider. A bit flyball prone. Grabowski has the makeup to handle the pressure of being called upon late in ballgames, and though he doesn't have the best control, that sometimes helps in his ability to get right-handed batters out. Effectively wild. Some questions about his ability to go back-to-back nights might relegate him to setup duty, but Grabowski should find himself in late inning situations in the big leagues one day. Another solid draft pick.

I'm going to go against popular opinion and suggest that 5th rounder Rondell Lloyd can make it to the big leagues one day. So, make him my sleeper pick. Nothing about Lloyd makes you go "Wow!" but he does have the ability to get RH batters out, so he could find himself in the bullpen as a long man one day. Let's hope Syracuse is able to devote enough time to Lloyd to allow him to develop. They may be pleasantly surprised at what that brings them.

I really like Syracuse's draft, but I can't help but to wonder what they could have done with a 2nd and 3rd round pick. As it is, they get a C+. A nice draft for the Sycophants.

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