Sunday, January 10, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Charlotte Rae

An organization that has picked in the Top 10 each season since Season 1, the Rae have struggled to find consistency both on and off the field. That appears to have changed in Season 7 as the organization is having a nice season; and, with 4 of the first 54 picks in the draft, the Rae had a chance to infuse its farm system with legitimate big league prospects. Let's see how they did.

The Rae had 3 first round choices. CatcherCarson Servais was taken with the first of those choices. Easily the best catching prospect in the draft, Servais shows all the tools to be a fantastic backstop at the big league level. Already with an advanced ability to handle a pitching staff, Servais should continue to develop in this area and be a great anchor for any pitching staff. Though Servais can struggle against RHP, he shows a good batting eye and can really handle the bat. With above average power and murderous tendancies toward LHP, Servais was a great pick up.

The second of the 3 first round choices was used to pick up Jackie Franco. A HS selection, Franco flashes an above average fastball and slider, and carries a change-up and forkball as well and while neither is as good as his fastball or slider, they're both solid pitches. Though a bit of a health concern and questionable durabily, Franco should be able to handle starting duties. He combines very, very good velocity and a fantastic ability to spot his pitches with a deceptive delivery and good ability to generate ground balls. Another very good selection.

The third 1st rounder is Eduardo Calderone. Limited to 1B/DH, Calderone is well above average in every category at the plate. There's no questioning his desire and makeup, and as long as the injury bug can stay away, there's little doubt that Calderone will develop into a very good middle-of-the-order bat for the Rae. A fine pick.

Sleeper pick Philip Walker (4th round) has a chance to develop into a fine utility infielder and could be used against LH in a platoon role. Again, not upper echelon prospect, but Walker has all the tools to make it to the big leagues one day if given the chance to develop.

With 3 first round choices, the Rae had a real opportunity to add some legitimate big league potential to its farm system. They didn't disappoint. With a somewhat disappointing pool of talent from which to draw, the Rae used its picks to best of its ability. For that reason the Rae earned an A. Lets hope the current ownership decides to stay for a while.

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