Thursday, January 14, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Buffalo Bisons

Over the last few seasons, the Bisons have been one of those teams that just quietly hovers around .500 each season and doesn't draw much attention to itself. However, a little look into their system shows that even though they've been quite, they've been busy. There's some nice talent spread throughout their farm system. So let's see if Buffalo was able to successfully continue their quiet build.

1st rounder Melvin Lincoln was taken as a SS, but projects better as a 3B or COF defensively. A switch-hitter, Lincoln can really hit from the left side. Can put the bat on the ball, and does a good job generating solid contact from the left side. Not a HR threat, but Lincoln has enough talent to turn into a good professional hitter.

The other 1st rounder Jerry Star is another player that follows the theme of this draft: better against LH pitching than RH. Star is another COF guy that has electric speed, and should continue to refine his baserunning insticts such that he'll be a force on the basepaths. He may struggle at points during the season against good RHP, but really Star has all the talent and durability to be an everyday OF player.

2nd rounder Trevor Prince is yet another switch-hitting COF (LF is the best place for him). Good quality hitter from the right-side, Prince has very good pitch recognition and does display some pop from time to time. In this draft, picking up Prince at this point was good value.

Buffalo was able to add a lot of depth to their system in this draft. They didn't come away with any game-changing talent, but they picked up a couple of good solid prospects in this draft. They get a C+ because of a lack of diversity in their draft, and there were better players available with their first pick, but really Buffalo had a solid draft.

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