Thursday, January 14, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- LA Lunatics

After a rough first couple of seasons at the helm, current LA ownership took the team on the brink of a .500 record in season 6, leaving them sitting squarely in the middle of the pack selection-wise for the Season 7 draft. Let's see how LA did with their picks.

1st rounder Jim Baez was drafted as a SS and has played solely at that position thus far in Rookie Ball, but we anticipate a move to 2B or CF once he reaches the upper minor levels as he probably doesn't have the glove or arm to hold down a SS position day to day in the big leagues. Offensively, Baez does a remarkable job of hitting LHP pitching, but is fairly average at everything else, though he does show the potential to develop into a very good baserunner. Though he probably won't play in many All-Star games, Baez should have a solid ML career.

With no second round choice, the next pick for LA was 3rd rounder Lynn Munro. Seeing time at 2B in Rookie Ball, Munro is most likely a 4-corner prospect. With fantastic raw power, Munro shows some ability to make contact, though struggles against righties (a bit surprising considering his left-handed bat). Though there are serious concerns about his ability to recognize pitches and hit against righties, Munro's defensive flexibility and raw hitting power combined with ability to hit lefties might allow for him to become a bench player in the bigs. Time will tell.

LA gets a C- for their draft. They were able to fill out a Rookie Ball club with a good mixture of position player and pitchers from their draft, but they got very little future ML talent out of this draft.

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