Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Tacoma Termites

Tacoma has started to pick up a little steam in its third year under current ownership so this may be the last season we see Tacoma in the top 5. I'm sure their ownership and fan base hope so. With that, let's see how the last of our Top 5 teams did in the Season 7 draft.

1st round pick (5th overall) Eric Sinclair hasn't signed yet. For Tacoma's sake, I hope he does. Sinclair is a deceptive lefty that brings a dominant fastball with late life and backs it with a plus change-up. He carries a slider and curve that are average to slightly above as compliments, but he's got 2 legit out pitches. Sinclair is able to command his pitches and is very, very tough on lefties and righties alike. Strong durability, his only concern is health. Let's hope Tacoma is able to get this kid signed and bring his talent into Cobbfather.

2nd round pick Jeff Holt sports a plus slider and above average fastball, change, and curve. He's effective against both righties and lefties. The real question with him is his control -- will he be able to throw strikes? My guess is he will have some seasons where he'll be able to command his solid pitches, and some seasons where he won't. A decent prospect who maybe projects to the pen a bit more than a starter.

3rd round pick Rocco Pember is a setup/closer prospect who brings very, very good velocity and sports a plus fastball and forkball. Can be equally effective against righties and lefties. Control and health are concerns, but not nearly as concerning as what happens if a batter is able to actually make contact. To call Pember a flyball pitcher would be an understatement. Could be his pitches and delivery will do enough to consistently prevent good contact on his pitches, but a flyball pitcher to this drastic extent is a bit worrisome. Will be interesting to see how he responds to better competition in the upper minors.

4th rounder Harry Hammond is another reliever candidate where control is the question. He does a good job inducing groundballs and sports a dominant fastball backed by a very good slider, so even though righties can pick the ball up better than lefties against him, it isn't out of the question that he can be a somewhat effective ML reliever against righties too. A LOOGY candidate with a chance to be more.

5th rounder Norm Douglas is a true 3 outcome batter. He'll walk, strikeout, or hit a HR. Probably all 3 in the same game, maybe even the same at bat. Hey now! Shows some ability to play RF as well. Honestly, probably not much of a chance at being an ML player, but I'm always fascinated with guys like this. That fascination is enough for me to pick him as my sleeper.

Grade at a C right now, with a chance to move up if Sinclair signs. One more caveat: in a couple of seasons this could prove to be a B/B+ draft or a D draft. The players taken at the top of Tacoma's draft all have the potential to be ML players, but each come with enough questions (signability question for Sinclair) that even reaching the ML isn't a guarantee. Boom or bust draft for Tacoma.

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