Sunday, January 10, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Charleston Chew

Another organization that has struggled to reach .500 since the beginning of Cobbfather, Charleston sat with the 7th overall pick in the Season 7 draft. Let's review that pick along with every other for the Chew this season.

1st rounder Marquis Meyer has proven to be a serious signability concern. With a considerable bonus demand, Meyer hasn't signed just yet. Let's hope at the very least the Chew has been able to offer his initial demands thus ensuring a compensation pick if Meyer does follow through with his threat to go to college. Otherwise, it will be a huge disappointment if the Chew walks away with nothing from its lone first round pick.

2nd rounder Darrin Tartabull projects as a starter or long-man, but is currently being used as the Rookie team closer. Tartabull projects best as a reliever as his slider and change-up lag well behind his above-average fastball and curveball. Doesn't have great deception -- making it easier for both lefties and righties to hit him -- Tartabull lives off his fantastic control. Continuing to develop his control will be essential for Tartabull to have any shot at a lasting Major League career.

The Chew actually chose pitchers in every round. Not sure if their scouts see positional talent for some of them, but pitchers are all that make up the Chew's Rookie team. For the most part the rest of the pitchers (aside from Meyer and Tartabull) range from fringe prospect to organizational filler. With no International signings and no positional draft picks, the Chew has missed out on a real opportunity to add talent to its farm system. At least they signed all their draft picks other than Meyer and can field a Rookie team. That's the only thing keeping the draft from being an F. As it is, they get a D-.

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