Monday, January 11, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Dover Diamond Dogs

Under current ownership since season 2, the Diamond Dogs have been a very solid franchise within Cobbfather. Dover is another organization that had three 1st round picks, lets see if they were able to do as well with their picks as the teams we've previously reviewed.

1st rounder (12th overall)Eddie Allen was a bit of a reach. He's a good pitching prospect, but there were better players available at this spot. With that in mind, Allen is still a solid prospect in his own right. Plus 4-seamer backed with an above average slider, Allen has the control to spot his pitches well. Not overwhelming velocity and a bit of a flyball pitcher, Allen is still tough on righties, though not as effective against lefties. A solid pick, though again better players were available here.

the 2nd of 3 first rounders: Jeremy Decker is a lefty pitcher who projects to come out of the bullpen. Can go back to back with no problems, Decker has a great combination of durability and stamina for a reliever. Can fill multiple roles if need be. He brings very good velocity and can really bury his plus sinker low in the zone at will to force broken bats and ground balls from the hitters. Toughest on lefties, but he's no picnic for righties to face either. Look for Decker to move fast and be a part of the ML bullpen in relative short order. A nice player at this spot in the draft.

The last of the first rounders: Tike Gross is another nice starting pitching prospect. Has an advanced ability for his age, and Gross could move quickly through the system even though he was just 18 yrs old at the time he was selected. Another hard throwing lefty, Gross brings a well above average sinker and backs it with a solid slider and a change-up that's "in progress" though isn't likely to develop much over "serviceable." His control probably limits him to the back-of-the-rotation, but he should be pretty effective in that role as his velocity and sinker are good enough to keep hitters from either side of the plate off balance.

The first eight selections for Dover were pitchers. Jonathan Wooten was the first position player taken -- in round 6. Not a spectacular player, but Wooten may get a cup-o-coffee a time or two in the bigs.

Three first round picks... must get 3 ML quality players out of it. Dover succeeded in that, though again there were better players available than Allen. Overall a grade of B, and news is just in that Dover has picked up Roberto Bennett in the international scene. He's a Top 5 talent in his own right so Dover is definitely adding some top level talent to their farm.

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