Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Season 7 Draft Review -- Rochester Rolling Rocks

Rochester has had one owner since Cobbfather started, and the consistency of the ownership is really starting to pay dividends. Rochester set a Cobbfather record for regular season wins with 123 in season 6, and season 7 finds them again as one of the best teams in either league. It's hard to find talent drafting this low in the rounds, but lets see how Rochester did in the Season 7 Draft.

1st rounder Nicholas Barnes is a solid catching prospect. He's an average defensive catcher, but his real ability shines through when he steps into the batter's box. Has a big swing that does have some holes in it, but he's able to make very solid contact when the bat does hit the ball, and Barnes possesses a solid eye at the plate. Barnes shows the potential durability to catch 140 to 150 games each year thus enhancing his ability at the plate as an offensive catcher. A very nice draft choice for this spot in the draft.

I'll give a C- given where Rochester drafted. They didn't find many legit big league prospects, but it's practically impossible to find much drafting where Rochester did, and they were able to add some solid organizational depth with some other draft choices. Getting Barnes was a good pick up for them.

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