Thursday, August 6, 2009

World Series Preview ( The Smokiejoe Report)



The New York Pride of the Yankees coming into the World Series after dispatching S.F. in 7 games. They have had an interesting ride to this point. First round saw them out last Burlington in 5 games, Second round saw them sweep Tampa Bay, 3rd beating S.F. in 7. If this is true, they should sweep Sacramento.......But that will not happen.

Key Players for Sacramento

Elvis Leon ----- Elvis is 2-0 in the playoffs with a 4.58 ERA. He came up big in the series against Memphis. Sammy Felix also is perfect in the playoffs, 3 for 3 in saves. He is dominating and when given the ball , he will succeed. Sacramento also has Benji Fernandez hitting over .400 in the playoffs(.433). Sammy Alou is also hitting the cover off the ball(.433) Richie Foster is hitting .423 with a team leading 11 RBI'S in the post season. Troy Barker is hitting .421. All in all Sacramento's offense is clicking on all cylinders. With N.Y. having to use their pitcher in this series, Sacramento getting an extra batter while in Yankee Stadium, this may be the part of the puzzle Sacramento needs to win their first title. Sacramento is pulling off the "Chicago Bulls of old" in baseball....Sweeping Houston in 3, Memphis in 4....7-0 in the post season so far... They are on more of a roll, than Rosie O'donnell following the Krispy Kreme truck.

New York Pride of the Yankees

A much tougher road to the World Series than Sacramento had. That is not always a bad thing. This could mean that N.Y. is in rhythm, and is great under pressure in pivitol games. Sacramento has not been tested in a series this post season, and N.Y. could upend them if they get in fine tune. Both teams have had a great season no matter what the outcome. New York struggled at times in the regular season, but when they chips were down they came through. New York has had some interesting stats in the playoffs. Ronn Boyd has fanned 22 times in only 62 at bats(.161) Todd Mann has hit .311 while hititng 6 homers and driving in 18. Jeremi Riggs is their best hitter by average (.382) while driving in 13 runs. Al Martinez is hitting .233 with 5 homers and 14 RBI'S. Pitching wise is confusing as well . Danaker their lights out closer is 5 for 6 in save chances, but supports a 5.40 ERA. Evans is 2-0 with a 3.58 ERA in the post season. Cruz 1-1 with 1 save, and a 2.55 ERA. Blanco is 2-1 with a 3.38 ERA.



EDGE EVEN New York has a high potent offense that produces runs. They key will be getting to Sacramento early and often, but mostly on the road. If New York can score in Sacramento, than it will be alot easier for them to win their first title. Sacramento will have the advantage in Sacramento, as their pitches are used to batting, where New York's are not. Sacramento pitchers have done a great job in the post season. Elvis Leon is 3 for 8 with 3 RBI'S. Chounaird is 2 for 4. They have the experiecne in hitting, where New York pitchers do not. This should actually balance out the offense against N.Y. Homers are a high part of New York's offense, but it will come down to getting the bunt down once or twice in the series.



New York gets the edge, as they are used to the DH . The bench players have more at bats than Sacramento's has had in the playoffs. Since they live and die by the homer, New York will thrive Yankee Stadium. They would rather have 8-7 games than 2-1 games. It only takes 1 swing to end or change a game. New York has the offense and the players to make that happen.



This may comes as a surprise, considering their rotation(New York). Sacramento's pitchers are well rested. The entire staff has only pitched 63 innings, while New York has pitched 133. Stamina will become a factor, especially in a long series. Evans should be great for N.Y. If Blanco can hold his own and Evans pitches every 3rd game, I can see this going 7. Again as in the Memphis series, I say Elvis is the key to Sacramento's success. Elvis is was 10-3 on the road in regular season, while being only 8-4 at home. 102 wins did not come by mistake, and being 52-29 at home does not hurt either. Elvis, Chounaird, and Maduro will need to be on top of their game to baffle the N.Y. hitters.



Now this was a tough call, but Felix has dominated the playoffs. Danaker has done well, but his 5.40 ERA is not a great sight for the closer. We know it only takes 1 game to make an ERA balloon, but what if the game was a game 7 in the world series. Felix is dominant 48 for 51 in saves, 51 for 54 overall. His ERA is barely over 2(2.26) Danaker has been brilliant this year as well 36 for 42 in saves in the regular season, 41 for 48 overall. His ERA was 3.69 in the regula r seaosn, alot higher than Felix's. While Danaker is great, Felix is that much better now. It will come down to the pen, and with 4 game possibly at Sacramento, Sacramento being the better home team (52-29) N.Y. (43-38). Sacramento being the better road team (50-31) N.Y. (42-39). It will be hard to go against the Fightin' Cornish Hens and their first title ever. With this observation, we have come to this conclusion:

SACRAMENTO WINS IN 6. I was going to say 5, but we want them to win it in front of the home crowd. The clincher, is we think Danaker will blow the save in the final game as the Cornish Hens win the title.

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