Friday, August 28, 2009

First Regular Season Game in Boise is a sell out

Hello everyone! This is I.P. Daily reporting from Boise,Idaho where history is set to be made. I have confirmed that today's afternoon game match up between Detroit and Boise is officially a sell out. The fans are already lining up to the the first game in Boise for this franchise. The Boise players are all ready signing autographs on the field as we speak. Ronnie Bannister has signed 100 balls and is throwing them into the stands. The mascot, "Barney the Bed Wetter" is shooting T-shirts from a cannon into the crowd. Ed Morris is posing for pictures at home plate. Daniel Russell is on the field running bases with some of the kids from the orphanage here in Boise. It looks to be a great day, and the crowd is anticipating a good start to the season for the Bed Wetters. Of course our sponsor for today's giving out a box of garments to everyone passing through the gate. With the crowd excited and pumped up, you may not see a dry eye in the house. Of course with Depends giving out the "diaper garments " to all who pass through the gate, at least all seats will remain dry :) Well this is I.P Daily reporting live from Boise. Have a great day everyone!

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