Sunday, August 9, 2009

New York "Pride of the Yankees" FINALLY CHAMPS

The New York "Pride of the Yankees finally have gotten to the promise land. After winning 99 games in Season 1, 99 in Season 2,97 in Season 3, and 99 in season 4, they won the series in Season 5 winning 85 games. They did it in dramatic style. Taking the series 3-2 against Burlington, sweeping Tampa Bay in 3, defeating S.F. in 7 games, they did the amazing and swept Sacramento. Look the the series.....taken the distance, swept, taken the distance, swept. It was destiny for them to win the title. I can assure you, the remark dedicating it to Phillyfan was not the reason they won. They had timely hitting, great pitching when they needed it, but most of all they had "The Pride of the Yankees" behind them. Through out the playoffs there were several ex-Yankees seen in the stadium. Don Mattingly was seen working the hot dog stand, Billy Martin was seen promoting "Billy Beer" at the beverage stand. Reggie Jackson was running the candy bar stand. Ron Guidry was head of the grounds crew for the series. Bernie Williams was seen taking tickets for the home games. Dave Winfield was doing commentary for YES network. Rickey Henderson was the honorary base duster, probably looking for his next "steal". It was a great celebration today at Central Park. It was the most people there, since the free Garth Brooks concert was help here. An estimted 2.5 million people showed up, some in handcuffs to see the parade. It was confetti everywhere, and the crowd broke out into a Billy Joel frenzy singing "New York State Of Mind" .


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