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Aftermath of a Megatrade

Gunther McFadden - Cobbfather Post Gazette

The Post Gazette will be examining some past trades in depth to see how they look several seasons later. This particular trade (Pepper Boyer/Bill Everhart for Pinky Matheson, Raul Chavez, and Brian Choi) was made at the beginning of season one, when teams were in a massive state of flux and players were flying everywhere. This one is of particular note as the four principal parts of the deal are all All-Star players, and they have all been traded multiple times, making this trade one that has affected more teams in Cobbfather than virtually any other trade. Below is a look at the original trade, and the subsequent chain of trades that followed. At the end of the article will be equations and final grades and analysis for the two principle parties, the Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens, and the now Syracuse Sycophants.

Season 1

The Original Deal, Season 1:

Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens (FW_Kekionga)trade: SP Pepper Boyer and RF prospect Bill Everhart
Madison Mucho (etp2021) trade: SP Pinky Matheson, CF Raul Chavez, and 3B prospect Brian Choi
Analysis: Sacramento traded a SP in Pepper Boyer with virtually the same skills as Pinky Matheson. Since the trade both pitchers have been All Stars and spent time on the 60 day DL. The Hens also got back a starting with great hitting skills in Raul Chavez, who was and All Star and Silver Slugger for them. Brian Choi was an average 3B and a throw in player. Bill Everhart was a monster hitting prospect at the time and is currently one of the premier sluggers in the major leagues, albeit not with the former Madison franchise.
Edge: Even

Season 1, Deal #2
Madison Mucho (etp2021) trade: RF Bill Everhart
Mexico City Gringos (pieo) trade: RF Vernon Aaron, RF Robert Jordan, P Mark Dunham
Analysis: This was one of two trades that set off a firestorm in the league and ultimately led to a flame war not seen since on the chat boards and the exodus of many owners from the league. In the trade Madison sent tremendously gifted RF Everhart to M.C. for a decent RF prospect in Aaron, and two marginal players in Jordan and Dunham. Currently only Aaron is playing on a ML squad of the players sent to Madison in the trade. In conjunction with the next trade involving Pepper Boyer, this trade was one of the most inflammatory deals ever made in the history of the league.
Edge: Mexico City

Season 1, Deal #3
Madison Mucho (etp2021) trade: SP Pepper Boyer
Mexico City Gringos (pieo) trade: SP Chris Collins, LF Elmer Lemon, RP Walt Palmer
Analysis: The Gringos got future ace Boyer for a slightly lesser SP prospect in Collins, and two scrubs in Lemon and Palmer, who are both now retired from the league. Collins has gone on to produce capable but not spectacular numbers in the majors. In conjunction with the Everhart trade this deal looked like possible case of collusion as two megastar prospects were traded for clearly lesser value. As has been previously mentioned these two trades were quite controversial, as things ramped up to nuclear level once etp2021 went on a tantrum rampage and quit the league, leaving his unassigned players to be claimed by mulitple teams, including Collins going to the now Detroit Dirt Dogs franchise.
Edge: Mexico City

Season 2

Season 2, Deal #1
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens (FW_Kekionga) trade: SP Pinky Matheson and 1B Oscar Webster
Fargo Rat Bastids (mrploppie) trade: SS Moises Terrero and 1b/DH Dude Stull
Analysis: The Hens received in return for Matheson and slugging 1B Webster MVP SS Terrero, who went on to win another MVP and two All Star appearances with Sacramento. Dude Stull would play only briefly on the Sacramento ML team before he would be dealt in season 5. For Fargo Matheson would never pitch in a game, as he would soon be dealt elsewhere. Webster would be a regular power producer for Fargo averaging 40 HR/100RBI for 3 seasons before he would be traded again.
Edge: Even

Season 2, Deal #2
Fargo Rat Bastids (mrploppie) trade: SP Pinky Matheson and 1b A.J. Jensen
Augusta Angry Armadillos (phillyfan33) trade: 2b Nick Valentine and SP Darrell Wright
Analysis: Fargo quickly shipped out Matheson for 2 very talented prospects in Valentine and Wright. Wright would go on to post average pitching numbers for Fargo, and Valentine would be shown the Matheson treatment and be shipped out before having a chance to unpack. Matheson would post his best years to date with Augusta before he would be traded, and Jensen didn't do much before he would be traded again.
Edge: Augusta

Season 2, Deal #3
Fargo Rat Bastids (mrploppie) trade: 2B Nick Valentine and RF Felipe Rodriguez
Sioux Falls Great Danes (The__Kid) trade: 2B Jeffery Bates and SP Chris Collins
Analysis: Yes, you read that correctly, the same Chris Collins who was part of the Everhart trade was now part of the aftermath of the Matheson trade. Of the new people in this deal Valentine would have a very nice season 2 for SXF, while the other principle players would have average to forgettable years.
Edge: Sioux Falls
Season 2, Deal #4
Sioux Falls Great Danes Trade: SP Albie Torres, RF Felipe Rodriguez, and RF Wallace Roth
Augusta Angry Armadillos trade: 2B D.T. Hamilton
Analysis: The Danes traded future all star SP Torres, along with Rodriguez and capable RF Roth for all star 2B Hamilton. Hamilton put up massive numbers during his stay in SXF, while Torres was impressive in Augusta and the OF's in the deal put up decent numbers.
Edge: Even

Season 3

Season 3, Deal #1
Sioux Falls Great Danes (The__Kid) trade: 2B Nick Valentine
Mexico City Gringos (pieo) trade: SS Emilio James
Analysis: This was a pretty straight up trade for a slightly better defender in James for a slightly better hitter in Valentine. But after this deal Valentine started to post some not so nice hitting numbers whereas James has been pretty good at the plate and in the field.
Edge: Sioux Falls

Season 3, Deal #2
Philadelphia Plopping Penguins trade: SP Albie Torres and RF Felipe Rodriguez
Florida Shark Waves trade: SP Francis Munoz
Analysis: The Penguins made an attempt to buff up their pitching by trading for the Cy Young winner Munoz. Unfortunately Munoz pitched like a bum, and Torres put up numbers that were expected of Munoz in Florida. Rodriguez also had his best career year in season 3 for FLA.
Edge: Florida

Season 3, Deal #3
Rochester Rolling Rocks (yanks21) trade: 1B Albert Crespo and SP Jerrod Shipley
Mexico City Gringos (pieo) trade: SP Pepper Boyer
Analysis: The Rolling Rocks acquired Boyer for slugging 1B Crespo and talented but not quite as talented as Boyer SP Shipley. Boyer went on to look like a shoo in for the Cy Young before his season 3 was cut short by a major injury, and has since went on to be a dominant SP. Crespo has put up good power numbers for his career, and Shipley is just now coming into is own so the jury is out on him.
Edge: Even

Season 3, Deal #4
Sioux Falls Great Danes trade: 2b D.T. Hamilton
Philadelphia Plopping Penguins trade: RF Wallace Roth, RP Felix Tamura, and 1B David Aramboles
Analysis: Hamilton and Roth are back for more trades, with the new additions this time being Tamura and Aramboles. Tamura has been unremarkable for his career, and Aramboles has been a bench player. Hamilton has been very good throughout his career.
Edge: Philadelphia

Season 3, Deal #5
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens trade: SP Darrin DeHaan, 3B Brian Choi, SS Jose Jiminez
Kansas City Tweakers (dirtyhill03) trade: SP Peter Tyson
Analysis: The Hens got back Tyson to be a long relief and spot starter for their playoff run, while the Tweakers got back DeHaan as a temporary ML replacement for Tyson, and two prospects. Choi has hit for respectable average in the majors but has been otherwise unremarkable, and Jiminez is still in the minor leagues. Tyson and DeHaan are now both retired.
Edge: Kansas City

Season 4

Season 4, Deal #1
St. Louis Silver Sluggers (phillyfan33) trade: 2B D.T. Hamilton
New York Primetimers (Primetime17) trade: SP Stephen Harding and CF Wes Vina
Analysis: The Primetimers acquired an all star 2b, and gave up a good but not great SP prospect, and a good defensive CF with some skill at the plate. Currently Harding is just starting to come into his own in the bigs, while Vina has been a quality backup for most of his ML career.
Edge: New York

Season 4, Deal #2
Florida Shark Waves (rawdk27) trade: RF Paxton McDonald, 3B Peaches Hernandez, and SP Andres Cruz
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens (FW_Kekionga) trade: CF Raul Chavez and RP Kevin Kingland
Analysis: Florida acquired an all star CF in Chavez, and an elite closer prospect in Kingland. In return they gave up a good SP with low stamina in Cruz, and two very talented but injury risk prospects in McDonald and Hernandez. Since the trade, Chavez has put together two pretty nice seasons, and Kingland is just now entering the majors. For Sacramento McDonald was an All Star and Silver Slugger in season 5, Cruz was traded away, and Hernandez is still in the minors. Edge: Even

Season 4, Deal #3
Rochester Rolling Rocks (yanks21 trade: 2B Nick Valentine and SP Ezdra Lee
Memphis Mayhem (wallygator) trade: SP Raul Escobar
Analysis: Nick Valentine finally reached his last team to date with this trade, and has put together a couple of seasons below what you would expect from a player of his talent leve. Lee is still in the minors for Memphis at this time. For Rochester, Escobar has put together a couple of nice seasons, including an All Star appearance in season 5.
Edge: Rochester

Season 4, Deal #4
St. Louis Silver Sluggers trade: SP Pinky Matheson and OF Chuck Tremie
Memphis Mayhem trade: SP Sarma Flores, CF Achilles Sanford, and RF Talmadge Malone
Analysis: The Mayhem got the elite SP Matheson, who has been very productive for them when he has been able to pitch. Tremie has been an afterthought and has failed to hold a spot on the ML team. For St. Louis they got back a decent SP in Flores, a CF who has since turned into a salary dump, and a very nice RF prospect in Malone.
Edge: Even

Season 5

Season 5, Deal #1
St. Louis Silver Sluggers trade: RP Donne Forbes
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens trade: 1B/DH Dude Stull
Analysis: The Hens traded a solid hitting 1B to St. Louis for an RP prospect who is very good against lefties. Forbes is still in the minors, and Stull has been traded since from St. Louis.
Edge: Even

Season 5, Deal #2
Florida Shark Waves trade: CF Pedro Jacquez, DH Ned Sheldon, and SP Darrell Mays
St. Louis Silver Sluggers trade: RF Talmadge Malone
Analysis: The Sluggers got a CF who is still in the minors, a DH who is now on another teams AAA squad, and a good SP who has since been traded away. Florida got a really nice hitting RF prospect, who has also been traded away from their team.
Edge: Florida

Season 5, Deal #3
Florida Shark Waves trade: RF Talmadge Malone and RP Gus Wood
Hartford Snakes2 (geltzjg) trade: SP Jesse Einertson
Analysis: The Snakes got a very good hitting prospect who made an impact on the ML squad when he got the chance, and looks to be a cornerstone in their offense for many seasons. In return Florida got an elite pitcher and good RP prospect to bulk up their staff. Einertson is a former all star who was very effective in a Florida uniform.
Edge: Even

Season 5, Deal #4
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens trade: SS Moises Terrero and SP Andres Cruz
New York Pride of the Yankees (domiisgod) trade: 2b Bill Benjamin and 3b Larry Arnold
Analysis: The Hens traded MVP SS Terrero to NY along with talented SP Cruz to in a deal to help NY's pitching, and add depth and financial flexibilty to Sacramento. Benjamin and Arnold are both very nice hitters with some power, and both were productive for Sacramento and helped rest the lineup in preparation for the playoffs, where the two teams would ultimately meet in the World Series.
Edge: New York (Edge going to the W.S. winner)

Season 5, Deal #5
Detroit Dirt Dogs (The_Kid) trade: 2B Joaquin Espinosa, RF Robert Jordan, and 1B Rick Borland
Buffalo Bison (bjc30) trade: SP Curt Beimel and SP Harry Silva
Analysis: Detroit gave up an good young 2B in Espinosa, and two marginal hitting prospects in exchange for two good but not great starting pitchers.
Edge: Even

Season 5, Deal #6
St. Louis Silver Sluggers trade: 1B/DH Dude Stull
Tampa Bay Tankers (mrploppie) trade: 2B Jaime Davis
Analysis: mrploppie got back the Dude, a player he had been aiming for for several seasons, while St. Louis received a very nice hitting 2b prospect in return.
Edge: Even

Season 6

Season 6, Deal #1
Cincinnati Red Stockings (yoker70) trade: 1B Clarence Simmons, RP Wilson Bonds
Boise Bed Wetters (phillyfan33) trade: 2B Jaime Davis, SP Al Rios
Analysis: Boise shipped out Davis and a throw in SP in Rios in exchange for a very nice closer in Bonds and throw in 1B Simmons.
Edge: Even

Season 6, Deal #2
Charleston Chew (hshack) trade: 1B Ronnie Bannister and LF Arthur Smith
Boise Bed Wetters trade: RP Wilson Bonds and SP Darrell Mays
Analysis: Boise turned Bonds around along with SP Mays in a trade to Charleston for elite 1B Bannister and roleplayer Smith. The Chew got much better in their pitching staff, and Boise got an elite hitter.
Edge: Even

Season 6, Deal #3
Tampa Bay Tankers trade: CF Jerry Schneider, 1b/DH Dude Stull, and SP Poseidon Cameron
Durham Radicals trade: LF Jumbo Almanzar and C Alex Coombs
Analysis: This was a blockbuster deal where Tampa acquired two monster hitters for 3 very good prospects. All 5 players should have productive ML careers.
Edge: Even

Season 6, Deal#4
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens trade: SP Elvis Leon and C Chris Wright
Memphis Mayhem trade: C Marino Rios
Analysis: In a pitching for hitting deal the Mayhem got All Star SP Leon and defensive C with power Wright. Sacto picked up all star slugging C Rios in return.
Edge: Even

Season 6, Deal #5
Kansas City Tweakers (dirtyhill03) trade: RP Pedro Estrella, RP Greg Crawford, and RF Daniel Russell
Boise Bed Wetters trade: SP Sarma Flores, 1b Clarence Simmons, SP Billy Cunningham
Analysis: In what is essentially a hitting for pitching swap, the Tweakers picked up two good starters in exchange for a power hitting RF and some pen guys. The talent levels look to be about the same at this juncture.
Edge: Even

Final Tally

So what was the ultimate return for the initial trade? It's tough to say for the Syracuse franchise because of the shenanigans that occurred in season 1 where the traded players never made it on the the team because of their failure to be assigned. So there grade is incomplete. But for the Fighting Cornish Hens the picture is a bit more clear, as Bill Everhart and Pepper Boyer ultimately (with a few other players thrown in trades) turned into Bill Benjamin, Paxton McDonald, Larry Bryant, Peaches Hernandez, Donn Forbes, Marino Rios, and Ray Fitzgerald. Most people in the league would probably consider that a passing grade at the least, even though Boyer and Everhart are both MVP/Cy Young material.

Trade Equations (Bold still with team):

Pepper Boyer/Bill Everhart = Pinky Matheson/Raul Chavez/Brian Choi
Pinky Matheson/Oscar Webster = Moises Terrero/Dude Stull
Raul Chavez/Kevin Kingland = Paxton McDonald/Peaches Hernandez/Andres Cruz
Andres Cruz/Jim Lee/Mitchell McElroy = Jack Bottalico/Chris Wright
Moises Terrero/Andres Cruz = Bill Benjamin/Larry Bryant
Dude Stull = Donne Forbes
Chris Wright/Elvis Leon = Marino Rios
Jack Bottalico = Ray Fitzgerald

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