Sunday, August 30, 2009

Organizational Rankings - Boston Massacre

1. Willie Seay (Age - 23; Level - AA; Position - SS) Seay projects as a very good ML SS with good defense and an above average bat. He absolutely rakes LHP, has a good eye, and above average power. He has a massive career minor league OPS of 1.191 and hit 46 HRs with 143 RBIs in Low A last season. Seay could very easily be one of the best all-around SSs in baseball by his prime. Grade: A-

2. Frank Fasano (Age - 23; Level - AAA; Position - SS) Fasano is almost a clone of Willie Seay, but is a slightly worse hitter. He is arm isn't as strong, but is slightly more accurate, and should be slightly better against righties. Seay has a huge advantage facing lefties, though, and has a better eye. Overall, these players should both be very good, but it's likely one of them will be traded, especially with the other MI depth in Boston's system. Grade: B+

3. Danys Osoria (Age - 22; Level - AAA; Position - RF) Osoria is the third of three very good position prospects in Boston's system. Osoria has average/below average power, but hits righties well and has a good eye. He has a career minor league .998 OPS and .432 OBP. He projects as a guy who will get on base well, and if he can sustain the gap power he has shown in the minors, he could be a very good ML RF. Grade: B+

4. Dave Munson (Age - 23; Level - High A; Position - SP) The first round pick from Season 5 was fast-tracked past Low A this season after going 11-0 with a 2.41 ERA in Rookie ball last season. Munson projects with good control and should be very difficult on righties, even though his best pitch, a splitter, in merely average. Grade: B

5. Ray Sweeney (Age - 23; Level - AAA; Position - CF) Sweeney gets the nod in this spot because of his ability to play CF and hit at an above average level. The former second round pick is coming off of a AAA Silver Slugger/All-Star appearance (.324/.401/.470). He hits for contact with below average power, but he hits both righties and lefties well, and has elite range in CF, despite only an average glove. He has plus speed, although he isn't a particularly great basestealer. Grade: B

6. Bronson Collier (Age - 22; Level - AAA; Position - DH) Collier is a big-time hitter who simply can't field. Collier's value really depends on if he stays in the AL, because he simply isn't good enough to be hidden anywhere. He does have a 1.063 career minor league OPS with back-to-back 27 HR seasons, and sported an absolutely ridiculous .481 OBP as a 21-year old in AA last season. Grade: B

7. Josh Dale (Age - 25; Level - Majors; Position - Util) Dale is the only player on this list in the Majors. He has a plus glove with good range, but is really only a mediocre hitter. Combined with his fielding, he should have enough power to justify a starting spot at some point, and he does have an average/above average eye. Dale's biggest tool is his verasility, as he can play essentially anywhere in the field, including catcher in a pinch. He didn't hit particularly well in a call up last season, but did display some nice power. He has a career .973 minor league OPS. Dale is also blazing fast, and can steal a ton of bases. Grade: B

8. Sean Osbourne (Age - 21; Level - AA; Position - SP) Osbourne projects as a good control pitcher with a good fastball and average/below average slider. He should keep the ball on the ground very well, and was moderately successful (4.30 ERA) as a 20-year old in AA. Grade: B-

9. Kane Hemphill (Age - 19; Level - Low A; Position - RP) Hemphill projects as a very good reliever with good control, a big arm, and a devastating fastball. He is nasty against hitters from both sides of the plate and posted a 2.03 ERA in 40+ IP last season in Rookie ball. Grade: B-

10. Kevin Hodges (Age - 19; Level - Low A; Position - 3B) Hodges projects as a big-time power hitter. The fifth round pick from last season has a career OPS of 1.192 and has a glove that is good enough to play at 3B, albeit below average. Grade: C+

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