Sunday, August 30, 2009

Organizational Rankings - Atlanta Expos

1. Dan Waltman (Age - 22; Level - Majors; Position - LF) Simply put, Dan Waltman is a hitter. Waltman sports a career OPS of 1.104 and has 3 XBHs in his first 21 ML ABs. Waltman may struggle against LHP, but should be good against righties, and has major pop. He has a good eye and plus speed and could potentially be a 30/30 guy at the ML-level. Grade: B+

2. Junior Ibarra (Age - 24; Level - AAA; Position - 1B) Ibarra's glove may not play well enough at 1B and he may end up as a DH, but the kid can rake. Ibarra has huge power, hits both righties and lefties, and has an elite eye. Despite being Jose Molina-slow, he has posted a career .997 OPS and should be a legitimate ML hitter. Grade: B

3. Rafael Campos (Age - 21; Level - High A; Position - RP) Campos is the best pitcher in a depleted system. Atlanta has a ton of young ML talent on the mound and has traded away most of its depth, but Campos remains a high potential reliever. Despite lacking a big arm, Campos projects elite control and should be above average against hitters from both sides. He sports a good four-seamer and an average slider and had a 2.51 ERA splitting time between Rookie ball and Low A in his inaugural professional season. Grade: B-

4. Eugene Blanton (Age - 25; Level - AA; Position - RF) Blanton has taken awhile to get through the minors, but he projects as a future fourth OF. He has ML power and decent pitch selectivity. He has a career 1.015 minor league OPS and hit 35 HRs in AA last season. Grade: C+

5. Kordell Carroll (Age - 23; Level - AAA; Position - SS) Carroll's glove is good enough to play SS at the ML level and should carry an average/below average bat. Carroll has a below average ML eye and power, but so far has an .898 minor league OPS. He took a leap this year from Low A to AAA, however, so this year is important for determining his ML potential. Grade: C

6. Jimmy Morton (Age - 23; Level - AA; Position - SP) Morton is the highest potential SP prospect in the Braves' system. Morton a good fastball and changeup, and a power arm. He lacks top-tier control and has a tendency to allow HRs. Grade: C-

7. Stone Grimsley (Age - 22; Level - AA; Position - CF) Despite lacking big speed, Grimsely has the glove and range to play CF at the ML level. He has a below average eye and power, but projects as decent contact hitter and should hit righties at an above average clip. He has struggled in his first five games at AA, but still sports a career .327/.398/.509/.907 line. Grade: C-

8. Peter Eckstein (Age - 23; Level - AA; Position - 1B) Eckstein projects as a backup 1B with decent power who could be a good PH option. He has a decent eye but projects as a poor fielder. He has a career .990 minor league OPS and hit 28 HRs last season in High A. Grade: C-

9. Bono Valdes (Age - 22; Level - Low A; Position - SP) Valdes projects as a good power/control arm with well below average stuff. He has no pitches that stand out, and it's really just his control and power that put him on this list. Grade: D

10. Giomar Bonilla (Age - 22; Level - AA; Position - SP) Bonilla has marginal control, below average velocity and stuff, but sports a decent curveball and keeps the ball down well. He pitched well in High A last season before being promoted and might be a long relief option in the Majors at some point. Grade: D

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