Monday, August 10, 2009

First 5 seasons ......... won/lost records.

We have completed the first 5 seasons here in Cobbfather, and to my surprise we are going strong. Looks like we will need at most 2 spots to fill, which is incredible considering some of the other worlds I was previously in. I extend my hand to FW for his dedicated hard work on and off the field. All of the "regular" owners for sticking with it, and of course all of the current owners for joining one of the best group of owners around. I have compiled the won/loss records for the first 5 seasons. I will start will the A.L. and than go from there....Some of the teams have had multiple owners, or have moved multiple times. I will mention the cities that team has been in, but not all of the owners. No let's look at some surprises!


NEW YORK 479-331
CLEV. /T.B. 440-370
PHL/STL. 381-429
DETRIOT 375-435

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