Saturday, August 1, 2009

NLCS series preview

The NLCS preview comes with heartache and pain. Memphis just defeated Jackson 3-2, thus ending the theory of Jackson winning it all this year. In the process they lost their top starter, Pinky Matheson for the rest of the playoffs and more. I think this has taken a lot out of the sail in Memphis. I believe Elvis will be tossing and turning in his grave during this series. I also believe that " The home of the blues" will definitely be singing them after this series. Even though they won the season series 6-4 , Memphis will have a huge challenge in beating the Fightin' Cornish hens of Sacramento. Frank Cain, Buddy Poole and Bernie Bennett better have the series of their lives to make Memphis advance. On the other hand Sacramento will need Greg Maduro and Sammy Felix to come up big to advance. The advantage is definitely on the side of Sacramento. I say this because of facts and not fiction. Sacramento has an 'Elvis" in their dugout, and that is in the way of Elvis Leon. Elvis is an 18 game winner in the regular season. He did get bombed in his playoff game this post season. Memphis also has their star closer Billy Cox on the injured list...He is out 5 days for a bone spur in his elbow.....That alone will spells TROUBLE. With the addition of Cox being injured and Pinky gone for a long time.....The Smokey Ball has spoken.

Sacramento will win the game in 5.

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