Monday, August 24, 2009

Organizational Rankings - Detroit Dirt Dogs

1. Tommy Jordan (Age - 24; Level - Majors; Position - 2B) Tommy Jordan makes a big leap from Low A to the Majors this season after dominating the past two seasons (career 1.072 OPS with a staggering .474 OBP and 40% extra base hit percentage). Jordan can multiple positions but has been primarily a 2B with Detroit and projects as an average/below average defender. Jordan has a tremendous eye and is a fantastic baserunner with marginal speed. Despite Jordan's age, this is a big leap for him, but he projects as a fantastic hitter. Grade: A-

2. Harry Silva (Age - 23; Level - Majors; Position - SP) Silva makes the leap to the Majors after a rough season in AAA last year. Despite that, he was young for the level and had a 2.63 ERA in 14 AA starts prior to being promoted. He projects with very good control, has a big arm, and a very good fastball and curveball. Grade: B+

3. Denny Martin (Age - 23; Level - Majors; Position - C) Martin performed well at age 22 after being called up to the Majors part of the way through last season. The concern is that he doesn't have a solid enough glove to stay at catcher, where he has had 18 passed balls last year. If he is forced into a DH role, he will be much less valuable. As a hitter, Martin has a tremendous eye and has the potential to be one of the best hitting catchers in the league, if not the best - he has a career .977 minor league OPS. Grade: B+

4. Thumper Carpenter (Age - 23; Level - Majors; Position - RP) Carpenter is the best late-inning reliever in a deep system full of them. Carpenter has elite control, great velocity, a dominating fastball, and a very good slider. He is incredibly tough on RHBs and still extremely nasty on lefties. Carpenter has dominated the past two seasons (2.80 ERA/1.07 WHIP over that time). Grade: B+

5. R.J. Johnson (Age - 22; Level - AA; Position - SP/RP) Johnson is difficult to project because he could be a very versatile swing starter/long reliever or a closer the way that Detroit has used him. He lacks starter stamina, but projects with elite control and velocity and a plus fastball and slider. He has given up a few too many hits so far in his young career, but his great control has allowed him to keep a low ERA (2.92). Grade: B

6. Ted Whitaker (Age - 19; Level - High A; Position - SP/RP) Whitaker has the exact same problem as R.J. Johnson. His stamina is lacking and he, like Johnson, is only this high because of his ability to start, even if only for 5/6 innings at most. Whitaker has below average control, but is tough on both LHs and RHs, and keeps the ball on the ground well. He has a plus fastball and changeup which helped him hold hitters to a .238 BAA and a 3.30 ERA. Grade: B-

7. R.A. Gonzales (Age - 20; Level - High A; Position - SP) Gonzales struggled in Low A in his first season, but he projects with good control and is tough on hitters from both sides. He has marginal stuff, but keeps the ball down well, and with his control, he should be a back-end starter. Grade: B-

8. Elmer Jefferies (Age - 24; Level - High A; Position - SP) Jeffries has a plus fastball and changeup, but he lacks good control. He projects average/above average against righties and lefties and even though he was old for Low A last season, he sported a 2.89 ERA in 20 starts (12-1). Grade: C+

9. Jacob Itou (Age - 20; Level - High A; Position - RP) Itou projects with great control and elite velocity. He has a devastating slider and very good fastball. He is very tough on lefties and struggles somewhat with righties, which led to a small struggle in Low A last season. Grade: C+

10. Brook Pierre (Age - 24; Level - High A; Position - 1B) Pierre projects with elite power and a good eye. He is average at handling the bat against both LHPs and RHPs and is below average in the field. Pierre is old for his level, but put up big numbers in his first two seasons (.900 OPS). Grade: C

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