Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Organizational Rankings - New York Pride of the Yankees

1. Endy Donatello (Age - 20; Level - AA; Position - C) Although Donatello may have trouble sticking behind the plate, he projects as a very good ML hitter. He projects as a big-time power hitter with an above average eye and is dangerous against both righties and lefties. Donatello has a 1.068 OPS through his first two professional seasons with a monstrous .453 OBP. Even as a great hitter, though, he may end up as a DH, lowering his value. Grade: B+

2. Herm Trammell (Age - 22; Level - AA; Position - SP) Trammel projects as a good ML starter. He has very good control and is tough on hitters from both sides, especially lefties. He has a plus knucklecurve but lacks other top-end pitches and has below average velocity. Trammell has struggled the past two seasons at High A, but projects well and has gotten much better over the past season. Grade: B

3. Enrique Pulido (Age - 21; Level - AAA; Position - RP) Pulido projects as a very good reliever with elite control. He lacks big velocity and top-end stuff, but projects difficult on hitters from both sides, especially righties, and keeps the ball down well. He has been dominant in his first three professional seasons (2.39 ERA; 1.14 WHIP). Grade: B

4. Hugh Humphries (Age - 23; Level - AAA; Position - SP) Prior to struggling last season, Humphries had been dominant in the minors. He has below average control, but great velocity and is tough on lefties. He has mediocre stuff, but his fastball and knucklecurve should be passable. If he can keep the walks down, he could be an extremely effective starter. Grade: B-

5. Lon Ardoin (Age - 22; Level - AA; Position - 3B) Ardoin projects as an above average hitter and average defender. He should hit righties well amd has a decent arm from 3B. He has posted an .867 career minor league OPS. Grade: B-

6. Alex Chen (Age - 24; Level - AAA; Position - 2B) The former second rounder sports a career .870 OPS while hitting .306. Chen projects as a league average hitter and above average defender. He should have a slight advantage against lefties and decent gap power. Grade: C+

7. J.R. Witte (Age - 20; Level - AA; Position - RP) Witte projects as a closer with elite control and below average velocity. He's built from the same mold as Enrique Pulido, but just lacks the ability to get outs the way that Pulido can. He projects to have three usable pitches, including a very good fastball, and keeps the ball down for the most part. Witte has been dominant in his first two seasons allowing just a .231 BAA and sporting a flashy 1,84 ERA. Grade: C+

8. Charley Bryant (Age - 24; Level - AAA; Position - RP) Bryant is another in a long list of New York reliever prospects. He projects as good against hitters from both sides of the plate, and has good stuff. He lacks elite control, but it should be passable, and has below average velocity. This will be Bryant's fifth year in AAA, but he has been good the past two, and should be due for a callup soon. Grade: C

9. Ike Seay (Age - 21; Level - High A; Position - SP) Seay, a second round pick in last season's draft, had a 3.66 ERA in his only three starts in Low A last season after signing. Seay projects with marginal stuff, his best pitch an above average fastball, good control, and elite velocity. Grade: C-

10. Lariel Diaz (Age - 20; Level - AA; Position - 2B) Diaz projects as a slightly below average hitter and average defender. He's probably a platoon player who faces lefties, but he could potentially be an everyday player when he's hot. He will need to get on base a lot to counteract what will be a low SLG, and he doesn't have a great eye. Grade: D+

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