Monday, August 24, 2009

American League West

We are now down to the American League West division. Last year Vancouver had to hold off San Francisco to win the division. San Francisco than made it to the LCS, where they were beaten by New York 4 games to 3. San Francisco did a great job last year, but I do not think they will repeat their feet. They did little to try and over take Vancouver. They did make a couple small trade, but nothing to push them closer to Vancouver.

Vancouver on the other hand nabbed 2 starters, and a solid reliever in the trade market this off season. They re-signed Solano to a 1 year deal..They got Lopez for more bullpen help, and they also got Payne to help supply some innings. I do think they pulled a little further ahead in the division.

Kansas City. Kansas City is going to be the top dog in this division in 2 to 3 seasons. They have excellent talent in the minors, and they are developing like rabbit babies on a summer night. They did manage to get A bulldog of a pitcher in Sarma Flores from Boise...Sarma is a workhorse who will eat innings, like like Jarod eats Subway. They also got a huge power hitter in Simmons in the same deal. They did lose stud closer Estrella, but with the prospects they have down there, it is like losing 1 star in a star filled sky. It just won't matter.

Oakland....Oakland will be the punching bags of the division. This season they will finish last. With the emergence of Kansas City a year or 2 away, Oaklnd is in deep doo-doo. They did manage to get a few prospects, and a decent pitcher off the trade wire this off season.. With this division shaping up the way it is, Oakland is about 2 steps behind ....and getting further away. Here are the predictions

Vancouver 95-67
San Fran. 84-78
Kansas City 70-92
Oakland 57-105

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