Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National League East

The National League East is going to be a pretty close division all season. New York should win the division again. Dover should finish second, with Cincinnati and Buffalo battling for 3rd. New York Signed Coco to solidify their CF position. They also re-signed D.T. Hamilton to a nice rich contract. They did enough to hold the top spot though.

Dover also had a pretty active off season. First of all they acquired Baez, Suh, and Haas in the Dan Carter deal with Rochester. They also acquired power hitting 1B Lee from Florida. They acquired 3 other prospects in trades, as well as getting RP Stargell and C Peterson in trades as well. They did enough to secure 2ND place, and possibly inch closer to the division leader. Dover also got rid of that huge contract from Osborne, thus freeing them up to make more moves in the future.

Cincinnati made a deal to get 2 future prospects from Boise, in exchange for power hitter Simmons and RP Bonds. They also signed a couple of ML players to deal Concepcion was a great bargain for them. I see them battling for 3rd with Buffalo to the very end.

Buffalo did little to make them come closer to the Prime timers. They will battle Cincinnati for 3rd this season. They should make this division a close race til the end. Along with Cincinnati, Buffalo is only a few moves away from contending.
Here are the predictions:

New York 91-71
Dover 84-78
Cincinnati 78-84
Buffalo 77-85

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