Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National League West

Sacramento breezed through the playoffs last season, until the World Series. I see them repeating as division champs, with little fight in the end. They will be determined to make amends for last season's falter. Sacramento traded Terrero to the N.Y. Pride of the Yankees. Terrero was the reason Sacramento did not win the series. If he had done his job, Felix would have shut the door on the series. For this reason Terrero was sent packing this off season. In return Sacramento got IF/OF Harmon in the deal. With the addition of Fitzgerald in the rotation, Sacramento should be OK. The lost Leon, who was 18-7 last season, may hurt them some. They also added extreme power hitting C Rios. I see Sacramento winning the division fairly easy this year.

Honolulu did little to close the gap between them and Sacramento this season. They will rely on last season's team again, thus getting the same results. They have quite a few young ML players on the roster this year. Some of them got some good experience last season, and it will show this year. I see them finishing 2nd again this season.

Cheyenne Signed 2 Ml pitchers in the off season . First they signed Neal, and they also signed Neugebauer. Neither of these 2 will show alot in the standings. Cheyenne has a long way to go to compete in this division. The future will tell how long the franchise can handle the way it is going. The franchise has alot of ML players on the roster.... we can see them winning more this year...about 70 games..

Los Angeles L.A. also has some young talent on their ML roster. The experience they got last season, should propel them to 3rd place this year. It will still be a tough and long division for them as well. They got power hitting C/DH Kirkland in the off season, as well as OF Reid Walton. 2 players that will help them offensively in the quest for 3rd place, but they will fall short this year again.

Here are the predictions:

Sacramento 96-66
Honolulu 81-81
Cheyenne 70-92
Los Angeles 66-96

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