Saturday, August 1, 2009

ALCS Preview

Today's "Smokey" report brings us to the ALCS preview. To start with we would like to congratulate both teams for making it this far. The New York Pride of the Yankees are coming off a sweep from the best team in the regular season. New York swept Tampa Bay in 3 games, thus putting Mr. Ploppie on suicide watch as we speak. New York used 3 homers from Al Martinez and Ronn Boyd to upend the "Tankers". New York has had quite a run, but there is a downfall to this run. Domi has dedicated his playoff run to Phillyfan, that is a total disaster waitng to happen. The Pride of the Yankess won the season series 7-3 in weird fashion. They swept the first series at San Francisco, got swept the next series in SanFranciso, and swept the last series in New York.

San Franciso on the other hand, has had a longer road to the ALCS. After beating Atlanta 3-2, and recently Vancouver 3-2. Vernon Aaron carried them in the series against Vancouver offensively. He went 7-21 with 3 HR'S and 8 RBI'S. He will need to do alot more of that in the upcoming series against New York. The key to the series will be getting the ball to the closer first. Smith from San Franciso, and Daneker from New York are both "lights out" closers. I predict it will come down to the bullpen and the closers. Here is how we break it down.

New York has the offense to propell them to a wild and crazy playoff series. SanFranciso has show at times they can score with the best of them. New York has the home field advantage, but that may not make a difference. Both team has a winning record at home and on the road. Martinez is an offensive stud, as well as Aaron for San Francisco. The key to New York to win, will be the continue strive of their starters. In the regular season they were very inconsistent . In the playoffs they have more quality starts, than Philly has series wins. For San Francisco it is simple, get to the bullpen of New York early and often. The Smokey ball has spoken and here is what it says.

San Francisco in 7

San Francisco will win in 7 for 1 reason. Barry Bonds is now the new trainer for the Hammer'd Leprechauns. He is also the water boy, and has been seen around the "pine tar' rag a lot on the on deck circle.

You heard it here first!

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