Monday, August 31, 2009

Organizational Rankings - Burlington Huskies

1. Giovanni Shelley (Age - 19; Level - High A; Position - 1B) Shelley should be an above average defensive first baseman with a good bat. Shelley projects with good power who hits righties well and lefties very well. He has an average/above average eye, and in his first season, split between Rookie ball and Low A, he posted a .356/.449/.606/1.055 line. Grade: B+

2. Dwight Weatherford (Age - 24; Level - AAA; Position - 2B) Weatherford projects as a good major league hitter and average/below average defender. Weatherford rakes lefties, but his talent hsn't produced great results in the minors yet and he is in danger of slipping down this list. He is coming off of his best power season, but has just a .788 career minor league OPS. He has good speed, and stole 31 bases last season. Grade: B

3. Efrain Martin (Age - 21; Level - AAA; Position - C/DH) Martin projects as a very good hitting catcher at the ML level. He has a weak glove, and may not be able to stick at catcher, but he does manage the game well and has a decent arm. Martin has an elite eye, good power, and hit lefties well. He has a career .899 minor league OPS, including a .412 OBP. Grade: B

4. John McCarthy (Age - 19; Level - Low A; Position - CF) McCarthy projects as a very good defensive CF with a bat to play. He has good speed and a good eye. In his first professional season last year, McCarthy posted a .341/.438/.630/1.068 line. Grade: B-

5. Amp Harriger (Age - 19; Level - High A; Position - SP) Harriger prjoects with an elite power arm and very good control. His stuff is only mediocre and despite big-time velocity, he doesn't have a legitimate fastball. He had a good year in Rookie ball and is off to a good start in High A this season, giving up 1 ER in 14 IP to this point. Grade: B-

6. Victor Sanchez (Age - 21; Level - AAA; Position - 3B) Sanchez projects as an average/above average defensive third baseman who will struggle against lefties and hit against righties. Sanchez has elite speed and is a decent contact hitter. He is the prototype PR/platoon player. Grade: C+

7. Louie James (Age - 23; Level - AA; Position - RF) James projects as a good contact hitter and below average defender. James hits lefties slightly better than righties, but hits both at an average/above average clip, and has good speed. He projects as a 4th OF/PR. Grade: C-

8. Harry Dorsey (Age - 21; Level - AA; Position - LF) Dorsey projects with medium power, an average eye, and should be an average defender in LF. He is coming off of a big year in High A where he hit 27 HRs with 120 RBIs and had a .267/.352/.477/.829 line. Grade: C-

9. Bob Cintron (Age - 22; Level - High A; Position - Swing starter/RP) Cintron lacks the stamina to make him a full-time starter, but could be available for five innings as a spot starter. He lacks good control, and his stuff is below average, but he seems to get outs and keeps the ball down well. Grade: D+

10. Luis Torres (Age - 24; Level - AA; Position - SP) Torres has a mediocre stuff and is a control pitcher. He does have very good control, and is coming off of his best season (3.96 ERA/1.39 WHIP). At best, he projects as a back end starter/LR. Grade: D+

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