Monday, August 24, 2009

Organizational Rankings -- Boise Bed Wetters

The rules are simple: players must be 25 or younger to be considered. They must not have played more than half of a season in the Majors (with very limited exceptions). The rankings are based on both stats and potential, with potential being weighed heavier for younger players. Age at each level is considered, but unless someone is extremely old for a level (25 in High A, for example), it will not be a heavy factor. After each organization has been ranked (hopefully in the next week, but probably two), I will put together a top-50 list for Cobbfather.

Players are ranked from 1-10 with 1 being the best in the organization. Players will be graded on a classic A-F scale. Disclaimer: the grades will be tough. "A" will be reserved only for the absolute top prospects. The grades will reflect how good the players will be not, not how good they are (i.e. they are projecting the player as a Major Leaguer.)

Boise Bed Wetters

1. Daniel Russell (Age - 22; Level - Majors; Position - RF) After torching his way through the minors with a 1.005 OPS in four years, the former Season 2 first rounder is ready for his first season in the Majors. Russell rakes LHP, is an elite baserunner with slightly above average speed, and has elite ML power. Grade: B+

2. Arthur Weaver (Age - 23; Level - AAA; Position - SP) Weaver is basically the only exception to the "no-ML players" rule. Weaver was a Rule 5 pick last year but is now back in AAA. Weaver was dominant as a 21-year old in AA two years ago while sporting an elite changeup and very good slider. His control is somewhat lacking, but keeps the ball on the ground well and projects as a ML-starter. Grade: B-

3. Julius Philips (Age - 20; Level - High A; Position - SP) Philips projects with above average control, good velocity, and has a good fastball. He should be tough on RHBs and average against LHBs. If he keeps the ball on the ground, he should be a back-end ML starter. Grade: B-

4. Ernest Fox (Age - 24; Level - AA; Position - 1B) Fox sported a 1.008 OPS last season between High A and AA. The former fourth rounder in Season 4 projects as a good all-around hitter. Grade: C+

5. Miguel Guerrero (Age - 23; Level - AAA; Position - LF) Guerrero is coming off of a down year where he only had 23 ABs. He does have a career .867 OPS, and projects as with average power, a little bit better against LHP than RHP. Grade: C+

6. Willie Barcelo (Age - 22; Level - Majors; Position - SP/RP) Barcelo projects as a ML starter although he was a reliever last season at AAA. He dominated AA ball as both a 19 and 20-year old, but had a down year in Season 5 as a reliever. Barcelo has good control, an elite sinker, and keeps the ball on the ground very well. Grade: C+

7. Patrick Haley (Age - 22; Level - High A; Position - SS) Another former fourth round pick, Haley has just mashed in his first two seasons, racking up a .962 OPS. Haley projects as a mediocre defender and above average hitter with good speed. Grade: C

8. Harry Javier (Age - 25; Level - AAA; Position - C) With 66 HRs and 207 RBIs over the past two seasons in AAA, Javier has shown a consistent ability to hit. For the same reason that he likely hasn't been called up, however, he is lower in these rankings because he doesn't project as a catcher at the ML-level. Like Daniel Russell, he crushes LHP and has elite power. Grade: C

9. Dave Richard (Age - 24; Level - AA; Position - DH) Richard is a little old for his levels, but he has absolutely mashed through the minors. Over the past two seasons, he has 116 HRs and 407 RBIs. A round 12 pick in Season 2, Richard is simply a professional power hitter with a great eye. He doesn't project well to the Majors, especially as a DH, but it's impossible to ignore a guy with these numbers. Grade: C-

10. Orlando Flores (Age - 25; Level - AAA; Position - SP) Rojas is coming off of his best season ever. He lacks control, but has a decent sinker and slider and handles RHs and LHs equally well. He keeps the ball on the ground well and has plus velocity. Grade: C-

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