Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National League South

I think the National League South will end up as a 2 team race. Jackson and Memphis will battle to the end. Jackson was the division winner last season, with Memphis making it in the wild card slot. The injury to Pinky in the playoffs hurt Memphis's chance for a Cinderella run. This year they added SP Elvis Leon to their rotation. Leon was 1807 with runner-up Sacramento last season. I think he will hold the key to Memphis's chance to upend Jackson this season. Jackson re-signed Romero(RP) in the off season. With this being the only major move for them, I believe Memphis will be a lot closer this season. Jackson's starters had a great season last season, and I find it hard for them to repeat the feat they had...

San Juan got a couple ML players in separate deals this off season. The got Duran from Boise, and Munoz from Atlanta. They will battle for a bit in the beginning, but eventually falling off pace after the all star break. They will finish 3rd, just ahead of Charleston.

Charleston made the most moves in the division this off season. They got star closer Bonds from Boise, along with spot starter, long relief Mays. Mays is a very fine pitcher, and Bonds should be solid in the pen for them. They also signed a few starter for the ML roster. I would not call any of the starters fancy, but I believe they will eat up some innings for them. They also signed Carey(3B), Gibson (SS), Walker (RP) and Matos (RP) as well. They should make an improvement, but little enough to make them finish out of last place.

Here are the predictions:

Memphis 91-71
Jackson 89-73
San Juan 80-82
Charleston 74-88

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fishklown said...

Hey, i re-signed Romero(RP) i didn't sign him. Sooooo..... i guess i did nothing this offseason. Great work anyway!! Love the blog!