Monday, June 15, 2009

St.Louis Silver Sluggers" Down on the farm"

While St.Louis is a very good baseball town in real life. Albert Pujols is nowhere to be found in this franchise. Rebuilding the minors will take a few drafts, but it can be done.

1. Orval Bridges......Orval" don't call me Redenbacher" Bridges is a player who has potential in the Majors. He has very good power,good batting eye, good contact, and the potential to be a very good platoon player/DH. He has 17 homers,46RBI'S , walking 16 times, while only fanning 25 in about 170 at bats. He has a OBP of .388, OPS of 1.063 while hitting for a .338 average.

2. Dude Stull.......Dude "where's my car" Stull is going to be a very very good DH in the majors. He has great power, contact, very good spilts, while supporting a very keen batting eye. He has the potential to be a DH who will hit 40-50 homers, drive in 120, walk about 75 times, while fanning about the same. Right now in AAA he is hitting .291 with 12 doubles, 15 homers, 34RBI'S , while walking 20 times, and striking out 27. his OPS is .960

3. Dave Richard.......Richard will be almost a carbon copy of Stull, but with more walks. Richard should hit more homers too, but like a power hitter comes the strikouts too. In AA he has 27 homers, and 90 RBI'S in just 47 games. He is hititng .343, has an OPS of 1.242.

4.Desi Chvez.......Desi is hitting .341 with 30 walks and 31 strikeouts in just over 180 at bats. He has 14 doubles, 6 homers, and 42 RBI'S. His OBP is .444, which is very good for any player.

5.Patrick Haley......Patrick is probably not going to make the major leagues, but he sure will make the most of the minor league pitchers. He is hitting .339 with an OBP of .404. He has 16 doubles, 10 homers, and 56 RBI'S in just over 190 at bats.

6.Andres Cruz.......Andres " don't call me Jose" Cruz will be a decent pitcher in seasons to come. He is 4-3 with a 2.69 ERA. In 60 innings he has given up 52 hits, only 2 homers, 15 walks and fanned 62.

7. Vladimir Durazo.......Durazo is in Low A and has an outside shot at the big leagues. What makes him special , is that he has 5 pitches. He is 0-2 with a 2.18 ERA so far this season. In 33 innings he has surrendered 30 hits, 3 homers 11 walks , while fanning 27.

8. Jolbert Cruz.......Cruz is 6-1 so far in Low A ball this season. In 56 innings, he has surrendered 56 hits, 6 homers, 11 walks, while fanning 56. With 4 1/2 pitches, Jolbert should be a decent pitcher in the minor leagues.

9.Cookie Moraga......Cookie will probably never get out of the minors. He has 2 top pitches, both in the upper 40's . That alone will make it impossible for him to fool any major league players. But he can enjoy his years in the minors. This year he is 5-2 with a 2.48 ERA. In 76 innings he has given up 70 hits, 8 homers, walking 23, while fanning 57.

10. Matt Cameron.......Matt should develop into a star closer for St.louis in a season or 2. He has shown very very good numbers in AA and now in AAA. He had a k/bb ratio last seaosn of 8:1. He converted 22 of 24 save chances, had an ERA under 2, and surrendered 5 homers in just under 50 innings. A star in the making with his dominating curveball and excellent change-up.

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