Monday, June 15, 2009

Boston Massacre" down on the farm"

Boston will make up for the lack of players on Atlanta. Boston has some really good player, that could make an impact on any ML team.

1.Rickey Milner....... Rickey has 14 doubles, 12 homers, 44 RBI'S, and has 29 walks, and 30 strikeouts. He also has a .337 average and sports an OPS of 1.057.

2.Philip Owens.......Philip is a player who could put up numbers like Pudge Rodriguez. He can have about 40 doubles, and 20 homers, while driving in over 100. In the season at hand, he has 18 doubles, 1 triple, 8 homers, 32 RBI'S, while walking 18 times and only fanning 30 in almost 190 at bats. A major surprise has been his ability to throw out baserunners......only 26 of 45 have been successful against him.

3. Randall Buck.......Randall is in AA, and putting up very decent numbers. He has 14 doubles, 4 triples,12 homers and 62 RBI'S . He has a .316 average and a OPS of 1.036.He has a good eye for the ball, and should put up decent number through the minors.

4. Danny Osoria.......Danny will be a Raul Ibanez type hitter in the ML. He will hit 20-30 homers, drive in 110-120, and have 40 doubles easily. He has decent speeds, a good batting eye, decent spilts, power, control and the act to get on base. His OBP of .418 says that. Right now he is hitting .338 with 24 doubles, 3 triples, 11 homers and 62 runs batted in. He also has 27 walks and 23 strikeouts in just over 200 at bats.

5. Bronson Collier.......Bronson, not related to Charles, is a very good player in AA. He is another player that excels more than his ratings would show. He is hitting .408 in almost 2oo at bats. He has 11 doubles, 17 homers, and 62 RBI'S in only 47 games. He has walked 33 times and struckout only 18. A dazzling .498 OBP and a smashing OPS of 1.222 would make any player happy.

6. Edgard Diaz......Edgard is a player who should produce well in the big leagues. He already had a little taste of it in season 3, and hit .330. Why he is still in AAA is a mystery. He is hitting .330 with an OPS of 1.026. He has 15 doubles, 14 homers, 54 RBI'S and 8 stolen bases. He aslo walked 25 times and struckout 34 in 206 at bats. He will get on base early and often in the big leagues.

7. Ray Sweeney...... Right now Ray will be know for his offense, more than his defense. Ray has hit .327 with a .404 OBP so far in AAA. He has 12 doubles, 3 triples, 5 homers and 30 runs batted in. Ray has also walked 22 times, while fanning 29. His base stealing is suspect 12 for 22 in attempts, but he is still young.

8. Francisco Beltre.......Franciso should be in the big leagues closing for any team. A knuckleball close would be nice to see. He has been very successful in AAA the past 2 1/2 seasons. This season he is 5-4 and 14 for 16 in save chances. He has pitched 28 innings, gave up 34 hits, 3 homers 7 walks and 24 strikeouts. He has great control for a knuckle ball pitcher.

9. Pedro Rivera........Pedro is lights out so far in AAA. So far he is 7-1 with a sparkling 2.08 ERA. In just over 56 innings he has given up 41 hits, 3 homers 16 walks, and 52 strikeouts. Pedro should be a nice long relief, number 5 starter in the ML.

10. Curtis Brett........C urtis is dominating Low A this season. It may be because he is in his 3rd season there, and he probably knows all the players by heart . He is 7-0 with a fine 2.40 ERA. In 60 innings, he has surrendered 54 hits, 4 homers 16 walks, and 53 strikeouts.

11.Russell Williams.......Russell "don't call me Sherman" Williams is the elite power hitter of the future. He will hit 50-60 homers and drive in 120-130 on a good team like this. He has tremendous power, 34 homers and 82 RBI'S already in 47 games. This season he has a batting average of .359 and a .425 OBP.

12.Denny Butler........Denny is a sparkling 6-0 with a mere 1.13 Era in Low A this season. In 64 innings, he has given up 58 hits, only 2 homers, 22 walks and has 48 strikeouts.

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