Thursday, June 18, 2009

SanFrancisco Hammer'd Leprechauns "down on the farm"

San Francisco Hammer'd Leprechauns .. What more can you say after the name. It was hard to really only pick 10 or so from these guys. When you have an AA team going 46-7, you need just to past the whole team on the page. That itself is quite a feet, and the owners deserves all the credit for that. Again, it is great to see owners take charge of the minor leagues, so we have no issues of infatuated stats down there.

1.Wilson Prokopec......Wilson is an over achiever . He has horrible splits, decent control, 2 decent pitches, and lights out stats. This also proves the theory of going by ratings. So far Wilson is 2-0 6 for 7 in saves, and riding a 2.10 ERA. In 34 innings, he has given up 41 hits, only 1 homer, 10 walks, and has fanned 33.

2.Art Priest......Art "don't call me Judas" Priest is 5 for 5 in save chances down in Low A. In 32 innings, he has surrendered 32 hits, 8 walks, 2 homers, while fanning 30. He has a dazzling ERA of 1.67.

3.Bernie Hunter......Bernie has the tools to be a very good reliever in the majors. He has 5 pitches, all of them with very good potential. He has great control, decent splits, and of course having 5 pitches . He is 3-0 2 for 2 in saves, and a very good 2.08 ERA. In 13 innings, he has given up 12 hits, 0 homers,0 walks and fanned 10.

4.Milt Ramsay...... Milt is 5-3 with a 3.48 ERA so far in High A ball. In 62 innings, he has given up 54 hits, 7 homers, 12 walks and has 52 strike outs. Milt will be a very good #4 or #5 starter in the Major leagues. He has great stamina, great control, decent splits, and another pitcher with at least 4 pitches.

5.Kenny Redmond......Kenny is really impressing the scouts in AA. In his 3rd season down there, he is riding a 9-1 record with a 3.41 ERA. In 61 innings, he has given up 58 hits, 8 homers, 20 walks, and fanned 65. He is another one of San Francisco's pitchers that have great stamina, control, decent splits, and 4 pitches. The knuckle ball is keeping hitters off balance down there in AA.

6.Milton Henry......Milton is 7-1 with a 3.51 ERA in AA. He has show the great poise to pitch throw the long ball. He has given up 12 in just over 60 innings. He still is not close to Brett Myers, but if he keeps it up, they could be in the same boat. In 66 innings, he has given up 60 hits, 12 homers, 15 walks, while fanning 50. He is another pitcher in AA with decent splits, good control, good stamina, and 4 or 5 pitches. There seems to be a pattern in San Francisco.

7.Sergei Greene....... Same as above...Good stamina, good control, 4 or 5 pitches, decent splits. 7-2 2.86 ERA. In 50 innings, he has given up 47 hits, 5 homers, 12 walks, and fanned 51.

8.Mike Shelley....Mike "don't call me sea" Shelley was recently promoted to the big leagues. In AAA he hit a mere .370 with 7 doubles, 2 triples, 10 homers 42 RBI'S and only struck out 11 times in over 125 at bats. He walked 12 times and had a .427 OBP.

9.Evan Bragg...... Evan is a rare player. A cathcer with decent power, good splits, good batting eye, great extra base hitter, and he also hits for a high average. In 200 at bats in High A he has dominated once again. Already with 23 doubles, 10 homers, and 51 RBI'S. He has walked 23 times and fanned 32. He also has a nice .365 average, .429 OBP, and a cool .630 SLG %. H eis throwing out about 33 5 of base stealer's against him...With the high average, doubles, and potential, he reminds me of that guy(Mike Piazza) who played for the Mets and Dodgers....Of course without the flashy women by his side.

10. Donald Cordero.... Donald was recently promoted to AA ball, which was deserved. In High A he has 24 doubles, 2 triples, 10 homers, and 62 RBI'S in just 51 games. He hit for a high average (.350) had a good OBP (.406) and also was flashing great leather down there. at just 5-7 he reminds me of a Terry Pendleton type hitter.....great glove, great doubles hitter, could hit the long ball at times, and drove in the runners on base ahead of him.

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