Monday, June 22, 2009

Hartford Snakes 2 "down on the farm"

Next up is the Hartford Snakes 2. Oddly enough the owner has been vacant for a week, and the team is on auto-pilot and doing good.

1. Richard Hartzell..... Hartzell is in AAA this season and doing very well. He has good control, very good splits, he also has 2 very very good pitches. He actually has 3 total pitches to keep hitters off balance. He has pitched 22 innings, gave up 21 hits ,0 homers, 7 walks, while fanning 17. He has 15 saves in 17 chances and a 2.45 ERA. Hartzell should be very good in the majors this season, or next season.

2.Preston Johnson.... Preston is in high A this season. He has decent control, good splits, 2 very solid pitches, and a spotty change-up to keep hitters off balance. In 24 innings, he has given up 24 hits, 2 homers 12 walks, while fanning 16.

3. Graham Sodowsky... Graham is a player that might never smell the grass on a major league field. He has 5 pitches, only 2 above par. He has low control, low splits, but he manages to survive the High A level so far this season. He has pitched 43 innings, while giving up 31 hits, 1 homer, 18 walks, while striking out 26. He is also 1-0 with 3 saves, and a dazzling 1.26 ERA.

4. Al Lugo...... Al is doing a good job in Low A this season. He is probably going to make the majors, before his career is over. He has great power, good contact, so so splits, and a average batting eye. Right now he has 17 doubles, 1 triple, 14 homers, while driving in 57. He has walked 27 times while fanning 48. His OBP is .390 while he is hitting .331.

5. Harold Miner.....Harold is a left handed hitter who will be a very good ML player for years to come. He has decent power, good contact, decent splits, and a average batting eye. He has great speed. He is hitting .343 in Low A ,while supporting a lofty .422 OBP. He has 23 doubles ,7 triples, 5 homers, while driving in 31. He also has 38 walks , while striking out 43 times, and he also has 20 stolen bases.

6. Dustin Schmidt.... Dustin " don't call me Mike " Schmidt is doing a great job down in High A ball. He is hitting a lofty .356, and has a good OBF .412. He has hit 23 doubles, 1 triple, 11 homers, while driving in 60 thus far this season. He has great power, good contact, good splits, and a decent batting eye. He also walked 27 times this season, while fanning 44.

7.Jesse Murphy...Jesse is in AAA this year, after spending 4 season in High A. He has 28 doubles, 1 triple, 12 homers, 49 RBI'S, 31 walks, while striking out 34 times. He has a .323 average, while sporting a .401 OBP. He also very good power, good contact, good batting eye, and he is good against left handed pitchers, while below average against right handed ones.

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