Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kansas City Tweakers " down on the farm"

Kansas City is the final team for the reports in the AL. Kansas City is doing a good job controlling the low levels of their franchise.

1. Daniel Russell....... Daniel Russell is one of the top stars in this franchise. He will be a great Ml player to say the least. H ehas 14 doubles, 1 triple, 21 homers, and has driven in 63 runs already. He has a great eye, walking 30 times while fanning 33. He has a very good average .296. His numbers are good. Excellent power, decent contact, hits lefties very well, and is decent against right handed pitchers.

2. Dan Waltman... Dan is another fine player in this organization. He has very good power, contact, decent splits, and a decent batting eye. So far this season, in AA he has been very very good. In just 52 games he has 33 doubles, 4 triples, 18 homers, and has driven in76 runs. He also has very good speed, stealing 9 bases as well. With 27 walks, he pounds out a very good OBP of .465. Will be a very fine ML player in a season or 2.

3.Pedro Jimenez..... Pedro is a very fine catcher so far in the minor leagues. In High A he is currently hitting .330 with 19 doubles, 1 triple and 12 homers. His OBP is a mere .400. He has walked 24 times, while fanning 32 in 221 at bats. He is being used as a DH so I really can not comment on his defense. He has good splits, so he should be a decent ML player in the future seasons.

4. Dennis Gulan....... Dennis is proving his owner he was worthy of the second pick in season 4. He is hitting extremely well so far in Low A this season. He has a .338 average to go along with a .414 OBP. He has 31 doubles , 3 triples, and 10 homers in just 53 games. He has driven in 40 runs, walked 27 times, stole 13 bases, and fanned 38 times in just over 220 at bats. Needless to say he will be a stud in the future seasons. Great splits, good power, contact, great batting eye, a potential future MVP.

5. Troy Duran..... Troy is a future ML pitcher. He will be a #4 or #5 starter more than likely. He has good stamina, power, splits, and of course having 4 pitches(2 of which will be great) does not hurt either. Right now in AA he is 2-1 with a 2.91 ERA. This after being promoted from High A, where he was 5-1 with a 1.45 ERA. Combined he is 7-2 with a fine ERA of 1.94. In 65 innings, he has given up 50 hits, 4 homers, 14 walks, while striking out 78.

6. Carlos Garces..... Carlos will be another decent Ml pitcher in the future seasons. He has decent control, good stamina, decent splits, 4 pitches, and a very good make-up. So far he is 7-2 with a 2.62 ERA this season in AAA. In 61 innings, he has given up 50 hits, 3 homers, 22 walks, while fanning 50.

7.Fernando Mendez..... Fernando is going to be a very good closer, despite his splits. He has good control, 4 pitches, and has performed like a pro when called upon. This season he is 9 for 9 in saves in High A ball. In 12 innings he has given up 12 hits, 1 homers, 5 walks, while fanning 10.

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