Monday, June 29, 2009

San Juan Chinchilla's "down on the farm"

Next up is the soft, fuzzy tail, spring legged Chinchilla's from San Juan. The farm system reminds me of the Chinchilla's I used to sell in a pet store, always running and jumping all over the place. Let us see who is making noise in the system now.

1. Freddy Nakano....Freddy is in High A and he is doing a very good job. In 87 innings, he has given up 80 hits, 9 homers, 24 walks and has fanned 68. He has low splits, good control, good stamina, and 4 average pitches. Right now he is 7-0 with 3 saves in 3 chances, and a 3.09 ERA.

2.Miguel Rosario.......Miguel is in AA after spending the most of the last 3 seasons in AAA. So far he has 14 saves in 16 chances, while supporting a 1.58 ERA. In 46 innings, he has given up 53 hits, 1 homer, 14 walks, while fanning 33 batters. He has average splits, control, pitches, but seems to find a way to excel when he is given the chance this season.

3.Nerio Maduro.......Nerio is in Low A this season and so far he has done a good job there. In 54 innings, he has given up 51 hits, 2 homers, 15 walks, while punching out 53. He is alos 7-0 with 2 saves and a 2.79 ERA. He is another pitcher with so -so splits and ratings. He is a carbon copy of many pitchers in the minors, proving ratings mean nothing.

4. Achillies Walter....... Walter has spent some time in Low A and High A thus far this season. He has great numbers in both, and shows he was worthy of the promotion. Combined has has a lofty .370 average while impressing managers with a .452 OBP. In 82 games, he has 24 doubles, 2 triples, 8 homers, 16 stolen bases, 48 RBI'S, while walking 49 times. He has only 53 strikouts in just over 350 at bats. He has very good contact, decent power, average splits, and a little above average batting eye. Being a switch hitter does not hurt either.

5. Adrian Jones...... Adrian is hitting .322 this season so far in High A. He has 9 doubles, 5 triples, 10 homers, while driving in 51 runs. He has also walked 31 times and struck out 61 in just over 360 at bats. He has decent contact, low splits, a low batting eye, and decent power. He may never make an impact on the Major Leagues, but he will put up decent numbers along the way.

6.Harold Fraser...... Harold is going to be a very good player for seasons to come. He should make the big dance, with energy to spare. He is a switch hitter, with very good power, decent splits, good contact, and a decent batting eye. He has 16 doubles, 5 triples, 21 homers, 74 runs batted in, and adding 11 stolen bases to his stats. He has been caught 10 times, but time could make those numbers better. He has also walked 40 times, while striking out 53. He is hitting .314 with a .401 OBP splitting times between 2 teams this year in AA.

7. Frank Collins..... Frank spent part of the season in AA where he put up great numbers. He was since promoted to AA, where he has struggled at times. He has great power, good contact, good splits, and a great batting eye. He hit 10 homers in just 70 at bats in AA. In AAA he has hit 18 in 290 at bats so far this season. Combined he has hit 28 homers, drove in 98 runs, hit 17 doubles, 1 triple, while supporting a .290 average.

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