Monday, June 15, 2009

New York Yankees "Down on the farm"

We start out the reports with the New York Yankees. Now the report is for players that are opening eyes in the minors. It may consist of high rated players, or it may not. If they are doing good, than they will be in the report. I will give a brief update on the season's performance thus far. There is no particular order in which they will be mentioned.

1. Jorge Manzanillo .......Jorge is a player who will pass under the radar. In a modern day where everyone watches for ratings , Manzanillo shows you that ratings are wrong. He does not have flashy ratings, but he does perform like a future ML player. He is hitting .351 with 17 doubles,1 triple, 13 HR's 71 RBI'S in only 46 games. He has an OPS of .997.

2.Stan Reith ....... Reith is not a flashy player by no means. I could not leave him out, as he is hitting a cool .400 for the season in AA. He has 12 Doubles, 13 Homers, while driving in 44 runs. He has a great OBP of .466 and a total OPS of 1.195.

3.Willie Roberts .... Roberts is another player that has a very good OBP and is starting to hit for a high average. He is currently in High A. H e has 21 doubles, 10 homers, and has driven in 38 thus far. His OBP is ..433 , OPS 1.042 while supporting a .332 average. He has a very good batting eye so thus far. He has walked 28 times and only struck out 25 in just over 180 at bats.

4. Alex Chen........ Chen is also in High A ball. He is a player that is scrappy and does not hit for alot of power. With decent ratings, Chen should be a decent ML player who can contribute full time or off the bench. He is hitting .321 with an OBP of .400. He will get on base and be a good table setter. He also will be a player who will walk just about as much as he will strikeout. A very fine batting eye.

5.Russell Carlson ..... Now one would think " Why the hell is he on this list" Again I am looking at performance, and not ratings. It is puzzling to see him not play as much as he has so far. Very good power, very good batting eye, but below average pitch calling ratings. He has 7 Passed balls in 46 games, and threw out about 33% of would be base stealer 's. He has 12 doubles, 16 homers, and 46 RBI'S. A .323 average .400 OBP is not too bad either. with only 36 K's in almost 200 at bats, proves he can get on base.

6.Ron Lockwood ..... Now Lockwood is a player that is the poster child for not looking at his ratings. They are not bad, by no means. He is 2-2 and has a sparkling 1.58 ERA. In 40 innings, he has given up 37 hits, only 1 homer and has 37 strikeouts while walking 12.

7. Frankie Rucker....... Frankie has done a fine job in AAA so far. Another player with average ratings, who performs well. he is 2-0 2 for 2 in saves and a fine 1.93 ERA. In 23 innings, he has given up 22 hits, walked 7 while fanning 15. He has yet to give up a homer.

8.Matthew Nixon .......Nixon has done a great job in AA this season. Hi ERA is not the best at 4.42, but he has got the job done with a 7-1 record. In 59 innings, he has given up 57 hits, while walking 18 and fanning 59.

9.Gary Cuddyer........ Cuddyer has done a good job so far this season in Low A. He has a 2-3 record with a 3.83 ERA. In 44 innings he has given up 39 hits while walking 20 and fanning 44

10. Brian Fisher...... A definite head scratch in the making. He is 3-0 4 for 4 in saves and supporting a fine 2.14 ERA. In 33 innings he has given up 37 hits, only 1 homer while walking 10 and fanning 37. He will probably never make the "Big Show" but his stats look good so far in the minors.

11. Endy Donatello......... The forgotten soul . Endy has a great future in the ML, and his ratings should be justified. He has 14 doubles, 7 homers, and 28 RBI'S in High A thus far. He has a nice .325 average, and a dazzling .442 OBP. A left handed catcher, that has great health ratings. He throws out about 20 % of would be base stealer's, but time could make that better. He walks more than he strikes out...33 walks, 31 strikeouts. That alone is worth the paid admission.

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