Monday, June 29, 2009

Charleston Chew "down on the farm"

We are arriving in Charleston to see what is cooking in the minor league system. We found some players spending multiple years in the same level. Players that could be promoted, and should be given a chance in higher levels. Now let's see who is making a name for themselves.

1. Tom Osborne......Tom 'don't call me Ozzie" Osborne is doing a nice job so far in AAA. A left handed hitter, with decent power, control, splits, batting eye, and very good speed. He has 25 doubles,3 triples, 12 homers, while driving in 56. He also has 34 walks, 12 stolen bases, and a OBP of.388 He has the chance to improve the OBP, but it is still decent for any player not named Pujols.

2.Quinton Allen...... In a few years he will be compared to a guy named Albert. He has lights out power, great contact, great splits, great batting eye, and no to mention he went to a school I did in Virginia. He has spent time in AA and AAA this season. Combining to hit 22 doubles, 2 triples, 17 homers, driving in 91, while walking 46 times, and only fanning 50. He has had over 350 at bats, so that alone is something to see in the future. A definite MVP in the future, to say the least.

3. Tony Rivera.... Tony is spending this season in AA. Tony is hitting .354 so far, and supporting an OBP of .402. He has 10 doubles, 5 triples, 3 homers, 37 runs batted in, while stealing 32 bases in 39 attempts. He has only 23 walks while fanning 64 times, that is something to improve on for sure.He probably will not amount to much in the ML, if he gets there. He has low contact, low splits, low batting eye, to go along with no power.....But on the bright side, he is fast, and a switch hitter.

4. Kevin Suzuki......Kevin is going to be a very nice Major league player in the near future. He has hit for power, average and has a very good act for hitting the gaps. This season he has 25 homers, 100 runs batted in, 32 doubles, 27 walks, while hitting .339. He has very good power, decent splits, very good batting eye, and decent contact. He will be a Raul Ibanez type hitter.

5. Magglio Gutierrez..... Magglio is spending his 3rd season in Low A. He has lights out numbers thus far, and should be promoted in the distant future. This season he has hit .331 with a .412 OBP. In 87 games, he has 35 doubles, 7 triples, 21 homers, while driving in 109 already. He also has 47 walks, 8 steals, while fanning 66 times.

6.Jake Castellanos...... Jake has average ratings, but above average production. He may never make an impact on the big leagues, but it won't be from a lack of not trying. He is 8-1 with 1 save, and a 2.43 ERA. In 74 innings, he has given up 71 hits, 4 homers, 19 walks, while fanning 69.

7.William Shin..... Shin should be a very good closer in the major leagues. He has great control, very very good splits, 2 excellent pitches, and not to mention a screwball that would make Black and Decker proud. He is 2-3 with 12 saves in 13 chances this season in AAA with a remarkable 0.64 ERA. In 63 innings, he has given up 62 hits, 4 homers, walking 11, while fanning 67. He could be a Dennis Eckersley Jr.. if he keeps its up.

8.Ozzie Iwazaki......Ozzie is going to be a nice pitcher in the future seasons. He has 4 pitches, decent splits, good control, good stamina, and a heart of a lion. He is 10-2 this season in AA so far. In 95 innings, he has given up only 74 hits, 4 homers, 30 walks, while fanning 86. His 2.82 ERA is a nice addition to his stats. He should be a fine pitcher in the near future.

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