Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheyenne Chiefs "down on the farm"

Next up are the Cheyenne Chiefs. Now the Chiefs are a franchise that will certainly make noise in the near future. With a superstar that will make Manny Ramirez look like Felipe Lopez. Let's see where the noise is coming from this time around.

1. Buzz Melhuse.......Buzz has good power, decent batting eye, low contact and splits. He will more than likely be a minor league player for life. He has been in AA for 5 seasons. He hits for power, drives in runs, and has a low average. To the person who likes homers, and RBI'S, here is your guy. I in this season at AA he has 27 doubles, 2 triples, 26 homers, while driving in 70. He has also walked 34 times, while fanning 92. He strikeouts out almost 30% of the time.

2.Mike Dorsey..... Mike is a player that is excelling way beyond his ratings. Now this could be either the 0% pitchers, or just plain luck, but this guy flat out kills the ball.He is currently hitting .343 with 33 doubles, 3 triples, 12 homers, 88 runs batted in, while supporting a .437 OBP. He has decnt power, good contact, average splits,and a very good eye. He has walked 58 times and struck out 50.

3. Jesus Valentin...... Jesus is 2-0 with 2 saves so far in Low A this season. He has good splits, good control, 4 very good pitches, and relief set-up stamina. He has pitched 39 innings, giving up 31 hits, 3 homers, 9 walks, while fanning 40.

4. Matt Baker.....Matt is currently in Low A this season. He is 10-4 with a 3.47 ERA. In 114 innings , he has given up 95 hits, 14 homers, 30 walks, while striking out 97. He has good stamina, very good control, so so splits, and 3 pitches to work with. I do admit his 3rd pitch(palmball) sometimes floats like a feather in the wind.

5. Dennis Coffie.....Dennis is in AAA this season and doing quite well. He is 6 for 6 in save chances.He has pitched 47 innings, given up 32 hits , 1 homer, 13 walks, 35 strikeouts, while having a 1-0 record. He is very very good, and should continue to excel as time goes along. He has avergae control, very good splits, and 3 pitches.

6. Yorvit Rodriguez......Yorvit is going to be a great closer in the major leagues in the future. He has grat control, very good splits, and 3 very good pitches to keep players guessing. He is 2-3 with 13 saves in 16 chances this season in AAA. He has pitched 32 innings, giving up 22 hits, 3 homers, 5 walks, while fanning 33.

7. Vic Costilla......Vic is going to be a superstar in the near future. He has been labeled the next Albert Pujols by some scouts. He has good contact, excellent power, good splits, and a very good batting eye. He has put up some great numbers in Low A this season so far. He has 48 doubles, 11 triples, 32 homers, 12 stolen bases, while driving in 133 runs so far . He is hitting .352 with a .419 OBP. He also has 41 walks, while fanning 58 times. No doubt he will be an impact player, and we will see in about 2-3 seasons .

8. Alfredo Lindsey......The newly acquired Lindsey will be a very good left handed slugger for Cheyenne. He has great power, a very good eye, and good splits. So far this season he has not played, but I believe that will change when he gets to Cheyenne.

9.Cesar Ozuna.....Cesar is in Low A this year and doing very well so far. He is 5-0 with a very decent ERA of 3.18 . In 79 innings, he has given up 70 hits, 11 homers , 17 walks , while fanning 77. He has great control, good stamina, good split, and 4 pitches to use to his advantage.

10.Jacob Tebeau... Jacob is in Low A and is currently 2-0. In 29 innings, he has given up 25 hits, 5 homers, 3 walks, while striking out 36. He has great control, decent splits, great stamina, and 5 pitches to make him a very very good Major League pitcher.

11. Sandy Jones.....Sandy is going to be a very good Major league closer for years to come. He has 3 very good pitches, great control, decent splits, and the poise to be as good as Papelbon. He is 2-3 with 4 saves, and an ERA of 3.80 . He has pitched 46 innings, while giving up 50 hits, 8 homers, 17 walks, while fanning 43.

12.Carlos Hernandez..... Carlos is going to be a great major league pitcher. He has excellent control, good splits, good stamina, and 4 good pitches. I will go out on a limb and say he will win a CY Young award in his career. He has pitched 118 innings, while giving up 111 hits, 13 homers, 28 walks, while striking out 111.

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