Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Season 5 Draft Recap - NL North

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Post Gazette

Next up for the draft recaps is the NL North, currently being dominated by Rochester. Who dominated in the draft from this division? Let's find out!


Ottawa Renegades

A.J. Wilson
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Atlantic City, NJ
Position(s): P (SP2)
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The Renegades got hard throwing right handed pitcher A.J. Wilson with the eighth overall pick in the draft. Wilson is another workhorse who should be able to eat up a lot of innings. He has very good control and nice splits, although he appears to be slightly vulnerable to lefties. His pitchers are good, but not great. He also looks to be a flyball pitcher, which is a slight cause for concern. That being said, all signs still point to him being a very good major league pitcher. After Wilson, no one really stands out – could be some border line major league potential there, but that’s about it.

Final Analysis: Wilson will be a very good major leaguer, but that’s about all they got here.

Grade: B-

Rochester Rolling Rocks

J.C. Mills
Rolling Rocks
Age: 21B/T: L/L
Born: Springfield, OH
Position(s): P (SP4)
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With the 21st pick in the 1st round, Rochester landed lefty hurler J.C. Mills. Mills has great control, splits and velocity, and does a good job of keeping the ball on the ground. His downside is below average pitch quality, which could limit his effectiveness once he hits the majors. Still, he could be a good #4 or #5 SP in a major league rotation, especially with a good catcher calling the pitches. In the supp round, they got reliever Felipe Guerrero, who looks to have all the tools to be a successful big league RP, although low durability may limit his innings. They went offense with the next several picks, and we don’t see any major league quality talent there, maybe one or two make it as reserves.

Final Analysis: The two pitchers they got were good, but have some flaws. We’re not blown away by this draft.

Grade: C+

Syracuse Sycophants

Al Owen
Age: 21B/T: R/R
Born: Greensburg, LA
Position(s): P (SP1)
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Syracuse had the #25 pick, and took RHP Al Owen. Owen has excellent control and splits. His GB/FB is average, and doesn’t throw with much velocity. His pitch quality isn’t great either, making him a number #4 or #5 SP type in the majors, but he should still be able to help out the big league club. Supp round pick Joaquin Saenz, is a nice hitting RF, with contact being his strong point. He should give lefties a lot of trouble and has a good batting eye. We’re thinking .300 hitter with 15-20 HR here. Good value in the supp round. Their 2nd supp round pick was Gaylord Robinson, who has great control and keeps the ball on the ground, but his splits aren’t ideal, and his pitch quality isn’t great. He’s a borderline #5 SP in the majors, but long relief would probably suit him more. 2nd rounder Larry Moore is a speedy contact hitter, and 3rd rounder Tony Amaro might make the majors, both decent value picks.

Final Analysis: No stars, but they got a lot of useful players, which makes it a good draft.

Grade: B+

Wichita Linemen

Jim Ramirez
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Renton, WA
Position(s): 2B
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With the 6th overall pick, Wichita got speedy 2nd baseman Jim Ramirez, who should be one of the elite baserunners in the league once he hits the big leagues. We’re talking 75 SB+ potential per season. At the plate, he’s got a nice batting eye, which will help him get on base, and good splits. His contact rating is only average, and he doesn’t have much power. He’s got gold glove potential in the field at 2B or CF. He’s a nice prospect, but #6 overall probably was a little early to take a player like this. 2nd rounder Cody Johnstone is a defensive wizard at SS, but doesn’t have much of a bat. Still, his elite level defensive could get him to the majors, maybe even as a starter. They went offense with the next several picks – and I’d say at best their upside is as major league backups.

Final Analysis: Wichita sure got better on defense in this draft, but we would have like to seen them get help in other areas as well.

Grade: C+


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