Friday, July 24, 2009

Season 2 "Definite STUDS"

Season 2 also saw a list of definite STUDS. Bill Guerrero leads the list. He has great power, contact, splits,and a superb batter's eye.

Thumper Carpenter. Thumper is going to be alights out closer with no fear at all. He has great control, splits, 2 very good pitches, and the mentality to mow hitters away.

Daniel Russell. Daniel has yet to play in the ML. He has hit for average, power, drives in a lot of runs, and has the ability to take a game over. He will be a very good ML player in the next season or so. Great power, kills left handed pitching, very good batter's eye, and the poise to be within a level of putting Albert Pujols numbers. He has won a Silver Slugger and all star game MVP in AAA.

Talmadge Malone A favorite of mine, but we traded him to try and get better. Talmadge will be a major impact player. He will hit for power, average , and also steal some bases. Aswitch hitter who can get to the same level as Carlos Beltran in his prime.

Bonk Stephens. Bonk had already shown great power in the ML. 40/120 easily in his future. He will be a great player, and put of MVP number every season.

Gabe Butler. Gabe is a left handed hitter with power. He has superb power, very good contract, decent splits, and below average speed. He will easily hit 50 homers on a consistent basis.

William Colin. William is going to be a top not set-up guy or possibly closer in the future. He has a WHIP. H e average more than 1 strikeout per inning, and should be a major impact player in the future. His ERA is low, great control, great splits, and 4 pitches.

Jim Lee.... Jim is another player who will make an impact on any team he is on. He has very good power, contact, splits, and a great batter's eye. 40/120 easily in the ML. Florida should be proud to have him on thei team.

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