Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Season 1 picks #29-32

With the 29th pick, Durham chose Alex Cela. Alex was scouted to be a player on the same level as Joe Carter. Cela has good power, very good contact, good splits, and a very good batting eye. He was an all star in season 1 in the rookie level. Season 2 saw him jump all the way to the major league level. That was quite a jump for anyone, and it took him time to adjust. He has hit between .279 and .302 in his 4 years in the big leagues. I think he is a future stud, and will label him a a STUD WANNABE

With the 30th pick, Fargo chose Ben Neugebauer. Ben was scouted as a pitcher who should make the big leagues, and do very well there. He has decent stamina, good control, average splits, and 5 pitches to fool hitters with. Honestly he started out well in the bullpen in the lower minors for Fargo. From Low A to AAA he was looking to come in to his own. Most of the time his ERA was between 4.5-5.. This may have been the reason he was left unprotected in the rule 5 draft this season. For his new team Little Rock, his ERA is 7.16 in 32 games. No doubt he will not be around much longer with that kind of performance. A major DUD

With the 31st pick, Los Angeles chose DH Orlando Rojas. This guy is a major STUD in the making. He has great power, very good contact, very good splits, decent batting eye, and excellent base running skills. Season 1 saw him win the Silver Slugger award for DH/P and also earn an all star selection the same year. He has not won any more awards since than, but they are on the horizon for this slugger. He is left handed, and only 22. A STUD

With the 32nd pick, monterey chose William Power. Power is a 2 time all star, season 2 and 3. He also won a silver slugger in season 3 in High A ball. He has good power, great contact, decent splits, and a decent batting eye. A left handed hitter that hits for average, and will also drive in 100 runs regularly. I honestly see him as a Jason Bay type player. He should hit 40 doubles, 25 homers, and drive in 110-120 for a decent team. I will call him a FUTURE STUD

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