Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Season 1 pick #21-25.

With the 21st pick, Chicago chose Art Parris. Parris was scouted as a players with good power, control, splits and batting eye. He has been all of that. Parris won a gold glove for 2B his rookie season in High A ball. Season 2 and 3 also bought him an all start selcetion in AA and AAA. He is compared to the offense of an Aaron Rowand, and the defense of Harold Reynolds. Art has proven to be all of that ....and more. He hit .302 with 35 doubles, 20 homers, 93 RBIS'S, while scoring 86 runs. He is a STUD wannabe.

With the 22nd pick, Madison chose Erv Jodie. Erv was scouted to be a 5 pitch pitcher with control, decent splits, good stamina, and the ability to keep hitters guessing. Seaon 1 saw him go 7-5 with a respectable 3.28 ERA. Seaon 2 saw him promoted to High A where he went 7-1 with a 4.10 ERA. Season 3 was his best to date. In AA he went 19-3, with a 2.97 ERA and a Cy Young Award. He followed that with a 13-8 record in AAA. He is on the same level pitcher as a Millwood right now...He was 2-10 with a 5.03 ERA in his ML debut this season. He will get you innings, not alot of strikeouts consistantly, and will keep the ball in play for your team. He is another STUD wannabe.

With the 23rd pick Florida chose Wesley Cooke. Wesley was scouted as a pitcher who could make a different for the Florida franchise. The problem is, the scouts were drinking Margarita's down on the beach with Jimmy Buffet when they were scouting Cooke. After going 3-6 in his rookie season in Low A, he was traded to Wichita the next season. He than went 11-12 with an ERA over 5 for Wichita in High A ball. The next 2 seasons saw him repeat that performance in AA, and AAA. As a result he was left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft, thus being chosen by another Wichita franchise. Maybe the new franchise has done his wonders, as he has gone 3-2 with a 4.20 in his first ML season. Overall we still have to call him a DUD.

With the 24th pick, Hartford Jeffcoat. Jeffcoat is a player with low power, decent contact, decent splits, decent speed, and decent batting eye. I would say his scouts thought he was going to be a decent player :) . He has not won any awards, but is pushing to be the best future ML bench warmer. He has put up very good numbers in AAA recently, but we will see how far that goes. He has done nothing impressive to elevate his status. We still label him a DUD.

With the 25th pick in the draft, San Diego chose Kris Matthews. Matthews was scouted to be a player with awesome power, the ability to crush left handed pitching, and a keen batting eye. To this day , he has not proven them wrong. The only problem is his health rating has caused him to sit alot of games. If he played a full season, you would see numbers like Pudge Rodriguez. He is a STUD wannabe, as we still feel he will break out soon. In 150 ML games, he has hit almost 40 homers, while driving in 101 runs. This is between 2 teams and 2 different seasons, but it shows you the promise he has. STUD wannabe for sure.

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